Book review: Triple Axe – Scott Cole



Scott Cole’s Triple Axe sees a group of adult entertainers being targeted by a crazed killer who utilises a very cool but odd weapon when relieving these deep-throating darlings of their lifeblood. Jesse Jinx decides enough is enough and takes matters into her own hands!

I’m a fan of Cole’s work, from his excellent Bizarro novella, Superghost to his most recent short story collection, Slices, he sure knows how to entertain. His stories are more often than not incredibly strange, but they always feature enough horror amongst the weird to keep me turning the pages. Triple Axe was a little too heavy on the humour for me personally. There are some great character names and movie names and the laughs come thick and fast. The porn world never ceases to amaze with its x-rated takes on classic movies…not that I’d know anything about that, of course, but for me, Scott Cole’s latest was a fun read but fell just a tad short of being a great one. Largely, this is down to personal preference. Humour and horror are something I’m not the biggest fan of though Cole does it better than most. It’s a difficult thing to balance out and the pacing of Triple Axe was a little uneven for me. I felt the first half of the book was in need of some more for the grinder, more bloodshed! Instead, Cole chooses to flesh out the characters a little and rely a bit too heavily on the laughs.  The second half was much more to my liking. Things getter odder, weird cults enter the fray and the body count rises, much to my delight.

I certainly don’t think Triple Axe is a bad book, but it just wasn’t really for me. If you like a good laugh, don’t mind the more extreme side of the movie-making industry and you like horror this might be the one for you.

3/5 fake orgasms from the Grim Reader.

Pick up a copy from here.

When you have finished reading this perhaps listen to…

Balls Out by Steel Panther: With song titles such as “17 Girls in a Row”, “It Won’t Suck Itself” and “Let Me Cum In” you pretty much know this isn’t an album to be taken too seriously. Steel Panther is the Spinal Tap of glam metal, taking their cues from Motley Crue, Poison, Warrant etc, the band plays a dated brand of party rock that is as forgettable as it is fun. Balls Out would work perfectly alongside Cole’s Triple Axe. Party on, dudes.


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