Album review: Sifting – Not From Here



I’ve been listening to this album quite a lot recently. Initially I wasn’t sold, but the more I listened to it the more I found myself enjoying it. Sifting blend a number of musical styles into their sound. They certainly have the rock chops, but they also mix pop, metal and prog influences into their sound. At times the band sound similar Avenged Sevenfold in the way they blend different genres to formulate their own unique sound. Singer Eduardo O Gil has a very good voice but isn’t an M. Shadows clone. The bombastic, over-the-top intro to Not From Here sounds like Star Wars before the band launches into, Alone. Clocking in at over seven and a half minutes, Alone has a bit of everything: from a Pink Floyd style guitar break midway through the song to a frenetic almost thrash-like passage, the band really shows that they are a talented group of musicians with a serious eye for melody. It proves to be a very solid start to the record and doesn’t outstay its welcome at all despite its running time. Second track, Blowing Fire, is more straightforward and has a commercial almost poppy sensibility to it and current video single, Not From Here is really good, a song I like more and more every time I hear it.

Blurry Paintings starts of sounding like an 80s power ballad! It isn’t the album’s best track in my opinion, but it isn’t a disaster either. The galloping Plegde Of Our Generation is a pop-rocker that sees the band pick up the pace. It’s only short and once more shows the band can write great hook-laden radio-friendly songs. Nothing But Us is one of the albums strongest tracks. A great chorus and an all-round memorable song. Another seven minute plus song comes in the shape of Things Change. The opening sees singer Eduardo O Gil duet with Stephanoe Yavelo. It works well and adds yet another dimension to the bands sound. The chaotic opening to Epsilon catches the listener a little off-guard. Definitely the most Dream Theatre, proggy song on the album. It is also an instrumental and allows the band to fully stretch its musical muscles. Final track, Gloom, is a slower number that finishes the album on a reflective note.  The track starts off acoustically and builds into a great song.

Not From Here is an album with a little bit of everything: some prog moments, some AOR, some metal, some pop. The band holds it together and the songwriting is very solid. The production is pretty good, the vocals are quite high in the mix, sometimes at the expense of the guitars, but Eduardo O Gil has a good set of pipes so I can understand this. The songs are varied and the running time is pretty much perfect. It might take a few listens for you to fully appreciate this record but I really think it’s worth the investment.

4/5 singalong choruses from the Grim Reader.

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Eduardo O Gil (guitar & vocals), Richard Garcia (lead guitar), Abelardo Bolano (drums), Wins Jarquin (bass)

SIFTING are a progressive metal band based in Los Angeles, CA who are strongly influenced by modern active rock. Their new album Not From Here was recorded and produced by award-winning producer Ryan Williams (Velvet Revolver, Pearl Jam, Rage Against The Machine). Not From Here will be released worldwide on September 29, 2017 via Eclipse Records.

Sifting was founded in 2010 by front man Eduardo ‘Edu’ Gil while originally living in Caracas, Venezuela. After suffering the loss of his mother and grandmother in a tragic plane crash, Edu began writing original material to cope with the loss of his family. He gathered some friends from the local music scene and entered the studio to record their debut album. The band quickly gained popularity throughout Venezuela and when Bullet for My Valentine was seeking support on their Latin American Tour in 2011, Sifting was the obvious choice. In 2012, the band completed a series of tours around the country, and finally released the album All the Hated in late 2013. Shortly thereafter, the band toured with Zapato 3, one of Venezuela’s most popular classic rock bands. Around the same time, their single “All The Hated” was chosen for the insanely popular Rock Band videogame. It was at this time after the success of their debut album, that Edu and his band received a significant influx of fans from the United States. They quickly realized that if they wanted to get the band recognized on a worldwide stage, they would need to relocate to the United States of America.

In early 2014, Edu and Abelardo Bolano (the drummer) left everything behind, and moved to Los Angeles, CA – the rock capital of the world. It wasn’t that difficult for them, as they had some help from several fans which were anxiously awaiting their arrival. Edu and Abelardo quickly brought in Wins Jarquin on bass, and Richard Garcia on guitar. The band was now reborn. Their American fans were thrilled at the band’s arrival stateside, and Sifting started doing what they do best… gigging and writing new material for a second full-length album.

Things started happening quickly for the band. They were able to line up endorsement deals with ESP Guitars, Engl Amplification, and Spector Guitars (just to name a few). In 2015, they caught the attention of producer Steve Evetts (Suicide Silence, The Dillinger Escape Plan, Sense’s Fail) and recorded a three song EP entitled Blurry Paintings. From there, the band was approached by Ryan Williams, who recorded and produced their debut full-length album Not From Here in late 2016. Immediately afterwards, the band hit the road for a thirty-date North American tour. They have consistently performed up and down the West Coast since.

The band signed with Eclipse Records in the Spring of 2017, and are planning to finally release their debut full length album Not From Here on September 29, 2017.




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