Book review: Scavengers – Rich Hawkins


The second review this ‘Bleak Week with Rich Hawkins’ comes from another self-published title in the form of ‘Scavengers’. This time a husband wife and daughter, along with two friends take a trip to the countryside for some fun and fine wine. On the discovery of an abandoned car, our foursome come face-to-face with a tribe of little horrors and a daring fight for survival ensues.

I liked this one a great deal. It’s a little longer than ‘Deathcrawl’ and is the better for it. The chapters are nice and short, often leaving you on a knife edge as to if our bloodied travellers will escape. The reason behind these scavengers is revealed later on, and throws another problem in the direction of the survivors.

Lots of gore, torn flesh, spilled intestines means I’m a very happy camper. The characters are given enough so that you get a sense of who they are. In particular, Ray who is a struggling writer, not entirely excited about the trip away with these ‘friends’ of theirs and someone who comes across as a little sarcastic (which I like). I found the brief conversation held in the car between Ray and Tim about vampires to be most amusing.

The novella romps along at a fine pace leading towards a satisfying conclusion. I thought this was a cracking story and I recommend it to all fans of horror. Great stuff!

Pick up a copy of ‘Scavengers’ from here.


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