Book review: Devil’s Row – Matt Serafini

  I love a good Werewolf story, especially one in which entrails are spilt at regular intervals and bones shift into place with a vicious cracking as the wolf comes to the fore. In this tale of the hunters becoming the hunted, Matt Serafini certainly does deliver the gore and the wicked transformations in style….

Book review: Crone – Jeannie Wycherley

Ooooh, witches!! Jeannie Wycherley’s debut novel is one packed full of creepy, witchy goodness. A great oak tree houses an even greater darkness and it is up to Heather Keynes to put an end to the evil Aefre! Tormented soul, Heather Keynes, befriends a small group of “guardians”. The guardians are watchers and protectors against…