Book review: Rattus New Yorkus – Hunter Shea

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Dang! That Hunter Shea chap sure knows how to entertain. In fact, very few do better monster stories than Mr Shea. The guy always brings his A-game and Rattus New Yorkus is quite simply fun, fun, fun.

Rattus New Yorkus is like an R L Stine version of James Herbert’s The Rats. Whereas The Rats was quite the gorefest and also rather bleak, Shea decides to take another route. I feel as if this book isn’t exclusively aimed at the horror-loving adult, Rattus New Yorkus can easily be read and enjoyed by a young adult as well. It still has its moments of gore, sure, but it feels as if Shea holds back a little, and I’m okay with that.

As one would expect with a Hunter Shea book, the pacing is superb, barely a page goes by without something exciting happening, it’s full speed ahead. Leading the way are Chris and Benny Jackson-a couple of soon-to-be divorced exterminators dragged into a battle to save New York from a blossoming rat problem. These rats are bloody huge and operate shrewdly. Chris and Benny, along with the hapless Dr Finch, chase and get chased throughout the littered back alleys of New York and its underground in search of a way to stop the rats from spreading and taking over. Cue many action-packed set pieces, witty dialogue, narrow escapes and copious mentions of rat urine.

Rattus New Yorkus might not be anything new, but who cares when a book is this much fun?! The only thing stopping me give this the full 5 stars is the abruptness of the ending, all of a sudden it just stops. I wanted more, damn it!

4/5 puddles of rat urine from the Grim Reader

Pick up a copy from here.

When you have finished reading this perhaps listen to…

Prequelle by Ghost: Ghost seems to be a love/hate band. Me, I love them, and Prequelle is just a fantastic album. This is an album with so much going on. From the stomping first single, Rats to the disco-fused Dance Macabre, it’s hit after hit. The only way is up for Ghost. Brilliant!





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  1. Nice music choice yet again, that album is superb!!!


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