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“Demonology 101”


Glenn Rolfe


In my new book, The Window, we have a father and son, and their friends, coming face-to-face with a demonic couple trapped in Purgatory. While my demons aren’t your Exorcist type of demon, they do have bad intentions which indeed involve possession.

I didn’t set out to make a new unique type of demon, and for all I know, I haven’t, but it was a lot of fun constructing these two and their past and the ways they get into my characters heads. I originally called them, Weakness Seekers (I know, generic), but as they began to develop and their backstory started to take shape, I knew they were much more than their victim profile. Domineus and Sanikus. Honestly, their names are probably the result of too many Danzig tunes (is that even possible?) pumping through my headphones, but I knew they couldn’t be your average demons. I still wanted them to be frightening, yet I also wanted to understand them.

I don’t want to ruin any of the surprises for you, so I’ll just say that I’m really proud of what they became in my story. And hopefully, you’ll find them as sick and intriguing as I do.

But speaking of demons, I thought I’d also let you know a few of my favorite possession works…


A Head Full of Ghosts: This is easily my favorite novel from Paul Tremblay. This one focuses on a kid sister who may or may not be possessed, I loved the way it played out and this is probably the last book I read that gave me goosebumps and had me putting it down because I was actually afraid.


Exorcist Road: This is a fantastic novella from Jonathan Janz.  It’s short and sweet but I loved the aspect of a serial killer (The Sweet Sixteen Killer) that Janz employs in the story. It was every bit as good the second time I read it as it was included in the action-packed sequel, Exorcist Falls. I definitely prefer the novella over the sequel, but both are worth your time.


The Posession (2012): This is one of my favorite possession movies and one I never hear anyone talk about. It stars Jeffrey Dean Morgan, Kyra Sedgewick, and features a phenomenal performance by Natasha Calis as Em.  Em gets her dad (Morgan) to buy her this box at a yard sale. They soon discover this box is a Dibbuk Box and it’s home to a nasty spirit. If you’re not familiar with the Dibbuk story, it’s an interesting tale (

Maybe it was the Jewish aspects in the story that gave it a more authentic and original feel for me but really I was surprised by this one when I saw it at the theater. I’ve seen it since and it holds up.


The Last Days of Jack Sparks: Okay, I said the last book I read that gave me goosebumps was Tremblay’s book, but the last book I listened to that did the trick (and managed to creep me out even more) was this book by Jason Arnopp. Damn, the narration given by Joe Jameson….oh. My. God. I tried to listen to this one as I was going to sleep.  Jameson doing his creepy possessed voice will fuck you up. I had to shut it off a number of times, but this is an excellent story and like I said, Joe Jameson’s performance is outstanding.


Thanks, Glenn. Check out Glenn’s new novel, The Window, out NOW! Links at the bottom of the page \,,/



The Window is out now and available at here:

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