Book review: Cockblock – CV Hunt



CV Hunt’s Cockblock is about as subtle as a sledgehammer to the testicles. In fact, a swift and full-blooded blow to this region of the male physique is the only way to bring the sex-crazed perverts running amok throughout the story to their knees. But let me back up a little…

Cockblock is what you get when Stephen King’s worst ever book Cell is given a hardcore horror Trumpsformation from Grindhouse Press and CV Hunt. America has gone mad! The radio is spewing a hate-filled message direct from the president’s mouth and it’s causing men everywhere to go out and grab women by the pussy…literally! For Callie and her partner Sonya, the need to get the fuck out of town is a no-brainer.

Cockblock is a violent and brutal tale of our times. Hunt leaves few stones unturned, covering misogynism, rape culture, prejudice and a multitude of other topics in this fierce narrative. Little is left to the imagination as the country goes to shit. Cockblock is a fast-paced read from the very first page. There is a never say die attitude that I loved in both Sonya and Callie. The two are given surprising depth and I was well invested in their outcomes. I don’t think zombies were at the forefront of CV Hunt’s mind when she wrote this but there is a definite Z feel to it all. I generally wouldn’t go near the genre but I’d heard good things from several other reviewers and I’m glad I picked a copy up.

Cockblock is like a long novella. It works well thanks to its graphic imagery, the unusual and original sickness and its excellent pacing. Having a lesbian couple as the protagonists is an excellent choice also. The graphic sex and violence might put some people off, but for those with a cast iron stomach, read on.

4/5 mixed signals from the Grim Reader.

Pick up a copy from here.

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