Book review: Live On No Evil – Jeremiah Israel


Very little in life is easy. It’s the same with reviewing books. Sometimes I enjoy a book and yet I get to the end and say to myself “How the hell am I going to sum this one up?”.

Such is the case with Jeremiah Israel’s Live On No Evil. This is a strange one, make no mistake. I ended up really liking it despite times during reading I wondered what the feck was going on. It is a book that starts off in a pretty linear fashion and I easily imagined becoming invested in the fate of a young protagonist who is the leader of some sort of cult. Suddenly, something quite unexpected happens and from this moment onwards, Live On No Evil gets weirder and weirder and more horrific. I felt a little like Alice, tumbling down the rabbit hole, except I’d dropped a tab of acid first!

Demons, aliens, cults, are all present in this strange but engaging and entertaining tale of Backpack (that’s his nickname, seriously) and his ultimate quest to save Spectrum City after he is rescued by an alien entity called Blue! We also have Gordo, rescued by Backpack, he becomes stuck between a rock and a hard place with two warring factions whilst at the same time trying to navigate the cosmic alterverse that is the library labyrinth (It’s a maze, not a labyrinth!). Other characters float in and out of the story and your attention is required because at times Live On No Evil can be a little disorienting. The good news for horror fans is that the horror becomes more and more stomach-churning as things progress. Mind control, body horror, it’s all here, crammed inside this truly odd yet enjoyable bizarro romp.

Horror fans might find this all a bit too weird and wacky, but if you have an open mind and enjoy reading bizarro fiction, Live On No Evil might just be the book for you. I felt like I needed to read something a little different, Live On No Evil definitely is that and it worked well for me.

4/5 neon gods from the Grim Reader.

Pick up a copy from here.

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  1. The Creature says:

    Sounds like a pretty interesting read!


    1. Haha. It’s definitely that!


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