Book review: Manifest Recall – Alan Baxter



The noir elements that were such a strong feature of Alan’s last book, Hidden City, remain prevalent in Manifest Recall. Published by Grey Matter Press, Manifest Recall is an uppercut of a novella that is sure to loosen a few teeth.

I’m a big fan of Alan’s work and the novella is my favourite format to read. What happens when Baxter teams up with one of my favourite publishers? Magic, that’s what! I loved everything about Manifest Recall. This is a book featuring a strong lead in Eli Carver. The story is a jigsaw puzzle, reminiscent of the Guy Pierce movie Momento, as Carver flees an angry mob boss not only with the boss’s daughter but with a backseat of supernatural baggage too. As Caver steadily puts together the pieces of the puzzle the reason for his hasty and bloody exit becomes more apparent. Manifest Recall is tougher than boot leather and huge credit to Baxter for the way in which he paints Carver as this merciless brut, and yet I still I was fully invested in him in no time at all. The supernatural elements are excellent and add another layer to the story. They don’t get in the way of it and turn it into something cheesy, they simply linger wraith-like in the background.

The first half of the book sets the tone perfectly whilst the second half is all action, ending in a thrilling and bloody set piece. Manifest Recall showcases everything Alan Baxter is good at: great characters, gripping action and tight plotting. Eli Carver is definitely a character I want to read more of. Count me in for book 2.

5/5 flashbacks from the Grim Reader

Pick up a copy from here.

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