Book review: 100 Word Horrors – Anthology



Writing is hard work. Crafting an original story is not an easy thing, be it a novel, novella, novelette, short story, any format really. But what if you tried to tell a story in only 100 words?

100 Word Horrors crams in a lot of ideas and themes. I’d describe this as a fun read and I think the cover art reflects this perfectly. It’s definitely not a book you get attached to, the stories are too short, though some do stick with you after you have finished reading them and it is a fun read to dip in and out of.

Largely, 100 Word Horrors sees a host of indie scribes answering Kevin J. Kennedy’s call and most have gone some way in producing stories that will gross you out, some that make you think and some that will horrify. It’s a bit of a hit and miss collection if I’m honest and because of the brevity of the tales, it really is difficult to remember much about any of them at all. This isn’t to say it’s a bad book, it isn’t, Street-Hearts by Chris Kelso shows what a fine wordslinger he is and Sara Tantlinger chips in with a couple of interesting and engaging pieces, too. Mark Cassell’s A Song For Them is another tale I enjoyed. There is a hefty dose of cheese with a couple of the stories, Alex Laybourne’s Beasts from Below being a perfect example of this. What I will say is that there is a lot of variety here and credit to those involved for showing such imagination.

100 Word Horrors provided me with an hour or so of entertainment. Your mileage will vary, no doubt, but it is a fun if forgettable collection of dark tales.

3/5 flashes of horror from the Grim Reader.

Pick up a copy from here.

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