Book review: Last Day – Bryan Smith



I love being alive, but I also love to read about the world’s impending doom. Bryan Smith’s latest book, Last Day, is a grim and gruesome look at civilizations final hours. The plot is nothing new: an asteroid hurtles toward the planet and jo public is given less than 24 hours until it hits. What would you do? Hold your loved ones dearly? Spend your final moments listening to your favourite songs, or perhaps watch your favourite movies? Have lots of sex? Or would you go on a violent killing spree as seems to be the popular choice in Smith’s Last Day?!

Last Day is chock full of despicable characters with little left to lose. Because of this, the choices they make result in extreme pain and torture for somebody else. Make no mistake, this is a book overflowing with sickness and depravity, the likes of which only a select few can write. Smith holds nothing back with his graphic descriptions of violence and sex and there are scenes within this book that will test your gag-reflex.

The story moves at a good pace, but the lack of anybody to really care about was a bit of a problem for me. Sure, I felt sorry for a couple of people, but in the end, I honestly didn’t care if they made it or not. Whilst the pacing is good and there is little downtime, things do become a little repetitive and once a penis had been chewed off I felt pretty exhausted with it all.

I’m a pretty big fan of Bryan Smith. I love Depraved, The Diabolical Conspiracy, Bloodrush and The Reborn but Last Day felt a little like Smith was going through the motions. If you are a fan of extreme horror and you have never read any of Brian’s work then I think you will enjoy this book, however, if like me you have read his previous books then Last Day might give you a feeling of deja vu.

3/5 gunshots to the face from the Grim Reader.

Pick up a copy from here.

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