Book review: Orotund – B. P. Gregory



Without trying to give too much away, I will say that Orotund: collected short stories volume II starts with a bang. The first story, Strangers, had me wondering where B. P. Gregory was going with it all. A young girl seemingly lost looking for a library finally finds what she is looking for. But all is not what it seems. This was a great story to start with and I’ll remember the ending for some time. Equally as good was Glory, a story that both disgusted and intrigued me. It is a tale that is both unusual, a little pervy and is very different from the first one showing that B. P. Gregory is far from a one-trick-pony. Elsewhere, Submerged reminded me a little of a story from the Drowned Worlds anthology I read early last year, this story also looks at a man dealing with grief in an isolated and unforgiving world. Great stuff.

A couple of stories didn’t quite float my boat (haha, see what I did there?!), but overall I was well satisfied with the diversity and quality of the majority of the stories. One of the strengths of this collection lies in its diversity. Every tale has something a little different and Gregory has a quirkiness to her storytelling, a black humour that I found often surfaces within her characters. It’s this style that kept me turning the pages and is something I do enjoy as I have a very dry sense of humour myself 😉

Orotund: collected short stories volume II gave me food for thought and a desire to read more stories by B. P. Gregory. If you’re looking for a new author to read who writes in a multitude of different genres then check this out.

3.5/5 explosive finales from the Grim Reader.

Pick up a copy from here.

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