Book review: Love For Slaughter – Sara Tantlinger



I like my poetry like I like my steak….bloody. Sara Tantlinger’s Love For Slaughter certainly isn’t for the prude, nor is it for those who are put off by a little gore and guts in their verse. I had a really hard time putting this collection down and its clever mixture of shorter and longer poems really struck a chord with me. There is a smouldering, dark, sexy vibe to this collection that I really enjoyed. Let’s dig in!

I also like poetry that speaks to me; like when I’m reading stories, with poetry I still want that picture to form inside of my mind and Sara Tantlinger’s collection does this with ease. I loved the shorter vignettes: The Filth in You, Notch Post and Unstitched, whilst short they are no less shocking and cutting pieces, leaving deep marks that will take time to heal. I found they broke things up quite nicely, but it’s the longer more in-depth pieces that really worked for me. Letters On Your Spine and its telling of a broken relationship is quite excellent as is the similarly themed Unsaid. Heaven’s Ripper paints vivid images and the closing Your Last Bullet seems a fitting end to the collection.

The poems found within Love For Slaughter will make you uncomfortable, aroused, horrified, saddened and thirsting for more. Readers beware, Sara’s words will whisper sweet nothings into your ear whilst slowly disembowelling you. As she writes in the opening poem, Alouette, “She likes a little horror in her romance”. This is a great collection. Buy it.

5/5 readied knives from the Grim Reader.

Pick up a copy from here.

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