Book review: Stirring the Sheets – Chad Lutzke



Stirring the Sheets is my first time reading Chad Lutzke’s work and I must say I really enjoyed this sombre, thoughtful novella published by Bloodshot Books. Stirring the Sheets is a grief-filled story about Emmett, a funeral home worker, and his struggles to cope with the loss of his wife of 50 years.

Grief can do terrible things to people, it can pull you into directions you never thought you’d go and this is precisely what happens here. The feeling of loss hangs heavy over this novella like a dark cloud and though It’s a story that doesn’t throw in any surprises, I was perfectly okay with that given the emotional attachment I had with the story. Chad’s writing has a beautiful flow to it, a sort of rich, grounded, smooth styling that is very easy to read and I breezed through this in no time at all. The chapters are nice and short but pack a real punch.  It’s important when writing about such things as grief and loss that the writing doesn’t come across as forced and with Stirring the Sheets this is certainly not the case.

I like emotion in my horror. I like reading about characters that feel real, characters that behave with authenticity when dealing with their emotions. Emmett does this, and you can truly understand the lengths he goes to in order to try to fill the void left by his departed wife.

Stirring the Sheets is a fine read. I will be investing more of my reading time in the works of Mr Lutzke.

4/5 embalming chemicals from the Grim Reader.

Pick up a copy from here.

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  1. As well as being a great up and coming writer, Chad Lutzke is an all round nice guy and a fellow lover of rock and metal. Must get my copy of this book.

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