Book review: Cats Like Cream – Renee Miller




Cats Like Cream is a punchy novelette featuring a real estate worker who is also a voyeuristic serial killer (aren’t they all?!). I’m not usually a fan of serial killer fiction but this tale is superb. We follow the dark path trodden by Elwin. Elwin is a vile, vile creature, a twisted, sadistic man who hides behind the curtain of his day job whilst living out his darkest fantasies. I love how Miller uses somebody working a regular job as a deranged murdering pervert. The casual nature of Elwin’s personality makes him even more twisted.

The reading of Cats Like Cream is at times uncomfortable as Elvin watches his clients and there are several scenes that will make you check for hidden cameras in your light fittings and shower room! Not a word is wasted, the character development is great. As despicable as Elwin is the reader cannot help but be intrigued by him. I’m not saying you will like him, but he has an engaging if perverse personality.

It was late last night when I started reading Cats Like Cream. I had no intention of finishing it but I honestly could not put it down, the ending was oh so sweet! This is a great introduction to Renee Miller’s work, highly recommended.

5/5 souvenir strands of hair from the Grim Reader.

Pick up a copy from here.

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