Corpsepaint – David Peak and Word Horde get kvelt




April 30th sees publisher Word Horde unleash David Peak‘s latest novel, Corpsepaint – a black metal inspired horror novel! To say I’m excited about reading this is an understatement (so much so, I immediately hit Word Horde‘s Ross Lockhart up for a review copy!). I love metal, especially black metal, and so what better way to signal the arrival of this fine book than to plug a few albums I’ve been enjoying recently. Black metal is an acquired taste for sure, most listeners think it is simply noise, but I beg to differ. There is a raw energy to black metal, a punk rock primal fury that gets the blood pumping. I often listen to it at the gym and when driving to work at the top of the misty mountain where I ply my trade as a school teacher.

Word Horde is one of the premier publishers of dark fiction. I love their stuff. Ross goes above and beyond to get the books in front of readers and I hope you check them out. Below is the books synopsis and the excellent cover art. Keep reading for some videos and album recommendations. Keep it heavy \,,/ and keep reading.




It’s been years since the groundbreaking debut of black metal band Angelus Mortis, and that first album, Henosis, has become a classic of the genre, a harrowing primal scream of rage and anger. With the next two albums, Fields of Punishment and Telos, Angelus Mortis cemented a reputation for uncompromising, aggressive music, impressing critics and fans alike. But the road to success is littered with temptation, and over the next decade, Angelus Mortis’s leader, Max, better known as Strigoi, became infamous for bad associations and worse behavior, burning through side-men and alienating fans.

Today, at the request of their record label, Max and new drummer Roland are traveling to Ukraine to record a comeback album with the famously reclusive cult act Wisdom of Silenus. What they discover when they get there will go far deeper than the aesthetics of the genre, and the music they create–antihuman, antilife–ultimately becomes a weapon unto itself.

Equally inspired by the fractured, nightmarish novels of John Hawkes, the blackened dreamscapes of cosmic-pessimist philosophy, and the music of second-wave black metal bands, author David Peak’s Corpsepaint is an exploration of creative people summoning destructive powers while struggling to express what it means to be human.

Pre-order Corpsepaint from here.



WatainNuclear Alchemy. Taken from their most recent release, the excellent Trident Wolf Eclipse. Everything I love about the genre is here in this video. Dig it!


NecrophobicPesta. Taken from their most recent release, Mark of the Necrogram. Necrophobic has a slightly more polished sound, yet their latest album is an absolute ripper. Seriously, it’s great these guys are back.


BelphegorThe Devil’s Son. Taken from their latest album, Totenritual. Perhaps not quite as raw as Watain or as polished as Necrophobic, Belphegor lies somewhere in-between. Their latest album is a relentless blast of black metal that will ensure your hearing remains permanently damaged. Get some!


EmperorThe Loss and Curse of Reverence (Live at Wacken 2006). It would be an error for me to not mention the might of Emperor. The sheer symphonic majesty of their albums can never be understated. All their work is devastating, orgasmic, complex, deep and a whole heap of other adjectives. This is one of my favourite tunes and this live version is immense!


SatyriconTo your Brethren in the Dark. Taken from their latest album, Deep calleth upon Deep. Satyricon is almost unrecognisable from the bands earlier albums, but they still deliver great songs, albeit now a little more polished, and dare I say, tuneful?! Their latest release is superb. Let this tune seep into your brain and corrupt.


Thanks for reading, and don’t forget that David Peak book! Corpsepaint is out April 30th.


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  1. Looking forward to this!!!

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  2. Damn straight! \,,/ I’m starting it soon.

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