Album review: Bannerless – Axegressor




With a name like Axegressor and an album cover depicting some sort of end of days sermon, I was expecting much from this thrashing Finnish four-piece. Axegressor plays a brand of old-school thrash metal and boasts a vocalist who sounds a little like the late, great Chuck Shuldiner from Death. However, this is where the Death comparisons end as Axegressor motor through 11 tracks of moshpit friendly anthems that feature a raw yet energetic production where the guitars buzz and scythe their way through each track with great fury and precision. Fans of Exodus, Overkill and Death Angel will find plenty to enjoy here.

The opening track, the excellently titled In Safe Space No One Can Hear You Scream charges head first into the wall and barely pauses for breath. It’s a fast yet focussed opener and it really sets a platform for the rest of the album. Bridges To Burn is a less frantic number but still sounds great and Human Travesty starts with some acoustic guitar before settling into a solid and chunky riff. This song goes through numerous tempo changes until suddenly it erupts into a thrashing monster of a track. Truth Prostitute has a Slayer vibe to it and sees the pace pick up after a couple of solid but unspectacular songs in The Lethality of Mediocrity and Barren Bloodline Worship. Similarly, Peace At Last (Armageddon) is another solid track that for me, but it just lacks a killer chorus. Thankfully, the band finishes on a high with the excellent Don’t Be An Asshole, which no doubt will go down well live!

A couple of tracks just lacked a killer chorus, but overall this is a very solid thrash album from Axegressor. There are some fine tunes like opener In Safe Space No One Can Hear You ScreamHuman Travesty and the excellent final song, Don’t Be An Asshole. Check it out if the above-mentioned bands are your thing.

Thanks to Brutal Records for a digital copy of the album \,,/







The new full-length album “Bannerless” rotting, crushing thrash metal that shows a lot of what the Finnish scene was the best known for.
Skull crushing riffs with one of the heaviest rhythm sections from the scene, some of the best moments of gorgeous melody, and a mystical atmosphere that leaves most of their countrymen in the dust

Punishing staccato rhythms and fast melodic leads interplay, with most of the material being mid-paced and groovy variations on chugging or galloping low end riffs. melodies , and fantastic drumming interplays well with the heavy rhythm section.

So far Axegressor has supported a variety of foreign bands in Finland such as Zemial (Gre), Adorior (Uk), Dark Tranquillity (Swe), Legion of the Damned (Hol), Toxic Holocaust (Usa), Entombed A.D. (Swe), Grave (Swe), Cannabis Corpse (Usa), Onslaught (UK), Soilwork (Swe) and Municipal Waste (Usa) as well as being a part of line up in many festivals. Axegressor has also been spreading its musical message outside Finland by visiting Estonia, Ireland, Russia, Hungary, Romania, Bulgaria, Serbia, Germany, Poland, Belgium, Netherlands, Denmark, Sweden, Slovakia and Norway.

Seba Forma – lead & rhythm guitar
Aki Paulamäki – bass & backing vocals
Atte Mäkelä – drums
Johnny Nuclear Winter – vocals
All songs written by Forma & Mäkelä, arranged by Axegressor
Lyrics by Johnny Nuclear Winter.
Recorded at Noise For Fiction Studio by Joona Lukala. Mixed and mastered by the same awesome guy.

Cover art by Kalle Pyyhtinen.

“Don’t be an asshole” dedicated to Lemmy Kilmister. Guitar solo in this song by Lukala.

01. In Safe Space No One Can Hear Your Scream
02. Ever Bending Spine
03. Bridges To Cross And Burn
04. Terminal Ignition
05. Igno-Rant
06. Human Travesty
07. The Lethality Of Mediocrity
08. Barren Bloodline Worship
09. Truth Prostitute
10. Peace At Last
11. Dont Be An Asshole




Physical Europe distributor by Plastic Head distributor (PHD)

Physical North America distributor by Music Video Distributor. (MVD)

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