Album review: IX Sins – Dormanth




There’s nothing quite like a bit of melodic Spanish death metal to cleanse the soul. Dormanth hail from the city of Bilbao, Spain. I love metal that breaks new ground, but I’m also a fan of metal that treads familiar turf. Dormanth fall into the latter category. Vocalist/guitarist Oscar del Val certainly has that old-school throaty bellow that I like and the guitars sound nice and thick and the double kick bass drums are in full effect!

The opening track, Like Ice, has a swaggering riff that dare I say almost makes you want to dance! I can’t get the main riff out of my head, it’s killer! Lamb Or Wolf incorporates more thrashy elements as does Let See The Wood and then things slow down a little for the Suffocation tinged Human Claim, which for me is one of the albums strongest tracks. The old-school heavy metal style intro to Promised Land leads us into another up-tempo track whilst Soul Shall Die is a slow grinding tune and Misery changes things up again with its spoken word intro before unleashing a metal riff Amon Amarth would be proud of. The final two tracks are both solid numbers, I like Sand of Frozen Tears as an album closer as it has a memorable melodic guitar line running through it.

IX Sins by Dormanth is a good melodic death album. There is enough variety to the song structures to keep you interested. The vocals are very good and the guitar riffs are excellent.

Thanks to Necromance Records for sending me a digital review copy \,,/


DORMANTH was born in Bilbao in January 1993 after various experiences of its components in different bands, such as NOPRESION (Oscar del Val), BEER MOSH (Javi Martínez) or ELBERETH (Maciej Zienkiewicz).

After consolidating their formation with Jorge Elizalde (Bass & Vocals) and Santi G. Mendezona (Guitar), they recorded their self-produced demo “SADNESS” in January 1994, which sold all copies and opened several doors, and they showed their value by playing live throughout the Iberian Peninsula. A year later, they decided to take the leap and record their CD “VALLEY OF DREAMS”, establishing them as one of the bands with the greatest projection inside the national extreme metal scene.

Following a period of playing gigs, problems arose within the core of the band and the drummer was replaced. Three of its components (Jorge, Santi and Oscar) decided to continue playing. In 1996 the group ceased its activity, resuming it in 2015. That year, the EP “VOICE OF THE SOUL …” was recorded as an anniversary gift for fans of the band, who still demanded their return to the stage.

In 2016 recorded their CD “WINTER COMES” released through BASE RECORDS PRODUCTIONS, a true melodic old school death-doom return, with Oscar del Val (guitars and vocals) in front of a new line up, experienced musicians such as Javi Prieto and Victor Franquelo (Both from Spanish band MORDOR) joined their efforts to complete the lineup.

On March 2017, DEAD SHEEP PRODUCTIONS released a compilation album called “Valley of Sadness”, including the old recordings from 1994 to 2015.

On March 2018, their third album will be released under the monicker “IX Sins”, BASE RECORDS PRODUCTIONS, DEAD SHEEP PRODUCTIONS and NECROMANCE RECORDS will be the labels that release this new full length. No lineup changes from the last release, except the addition of Miguel A. Richart for the bass duties. Igor Mugerza is again the artist chosen for the art concept, such as in their previous releases. 2018 will be also the return to the stages and live performances, Oscar del Val (vocals & guitars), Miguel A. Richart (guitars now), Isma Fernández (bass), will complete the lineup with original drummer Javi Martínez.






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