Book review: Weekend Getaway – Tom Deady



Now, this is how to write a great horror novella. Tom Deady crams more horror, more feeling, more from his characters in this novella than most can in a novel of 300+ pages. Weekend Getaway was damn near perfect reading for me for a number of reasons. The first one is down to the characters: John and Rachel Baxter are great, easy to relate to and very human. Without giving too much away, the bad guy is vile, absolutely despicable, and another great character. The second reason is the pacing which is absolutely fantastic and the third is the fact that Deady kept me guessing where the story was going right up until the very end.

The actual story itself is hardly genre-busting. The Baxters look to escape for the weekend to try to fix their relationship which is tattered and frayed. Things don’t go well even before their arrival at the cabin retreat and when they do arrive things get even worse. The situation gets real nasty, real quick. As we peel back the layers, secrets are revealed, lives are torn apart and I was left well pleased by the books end. The writing is excellent and very smooth, but where this novella really shines for me is through the depth of character we get with John Baxter. His panic attacks and insecurity add to the already perilous scenario the couple finds themselves in, creating huge tension! I also really enjoyed the timeline changes as the book progressed. Very cool!

I’ve been short on handing out 5 star reviews this year despite reading some great stuff. For some reason, I really needed to read a book like this. Right place, right time. Brilliant. Buy it. Weekend Getaway is the novella of the year for me so far.

5/5 sleepless nights from the Grim Reader.

Pick up a copy from here.

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  1. Sounds like this one just had everything you love! It’s great when you find well-written characters like that!

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  2. Absolutely, Tom nailed it!


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