Book review: The Detained – Kristopher Triana



I tell ya, Kris Triana is massively underrated and I wish more people were reading his work. This latest release is very good in showcasing how well Triana creates vivid and engaging characters. I read a hell of a lot of novellas, it’s my favourite format for reading horror if I’m honest, and whilst The Detained is a far cry from some of his more recent releases, such as Body Art and The Ruin Season, Triana does what he does best in giving the reader a reason to give a shit about what happens to the people in his books.

I read somewhere that this book is like The Breakfast Club meets Poltergeist. Can you imagine such a thing? It’s a kind of bizarre comparison but yet it is so very close. The past comes back to haunt a group of schoolies brought together for a high school reunion. But something ain’t quite right. A series of grisly props keep appearing and the pieces of the puzzle begin to click into place. The early exchanges between the group prove awkward, as is so often the case with such reunions. We get enough from each of the characters to form an opinion of them. Triana doesn’t dwell too long on backstory, thankfully, choosing to keep the novella moving at a great pace despite the slowish start. The Detained could’ve gone down the torture porn route and become a grim, gruesome hostage story, thankfully Triana chose a different path, instead incorporating elements of the supernatural to great effect.

The Detained is a very cool novella. I knew nothing about it before I went in and was very pleasantly surprised with how things panned out.

4/5 detentions from the Grim Reader.

Pick up a copy from here.

You can also pre-order this wherever ebooks are sold.

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  1. Shane Keene says:

    Nice. As is often the case, yours and my opinions are in alignment on this book. A solid, enjoyable read that stands heavily on the shoulders of his characters. Just read it a few days ago and heading into The Ruin Season soon.

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  2. Oh man, The Ruin Season will ruin you! Such a great book. Enjoy!


  3. Lilyn G says:

    Interesting. This is the second review I’ve read of this (If I recall correctly) and yours is decidedly more positive. I’ll probably end up picking it up at some point.

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  4. Breakfast Club meets Poltergeist, that does sound odd, but from your description of the book, it seems apt! Glad it turned out to be a good one!

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