Album review: Antagonism of the Soul – Insolvency




Just when you thought the metalcore train had left the station, along comes Insolvency to help you remember why you fell in love with this often maligned sub-genre in the first place.

Whilst this French outfit doesn’t exactly bring anything new to the table, Antagonism of the Soul captures the fury of As I Lay Dying at their best and has the melodic sensibilities of bands like Parkway Drive and All That Remains.

There is a great energy to tracks such as Tears of the World and the brutal Violation, but even these tracks carry a great melody. Black Moon opens with some nice piano before a stellar guitar lick comes in and there is a strong whiff of Killswitch Engage on this track which is no bad thing in my book! The chorus is huge, HUGE I tell you, and the track features some trademark crunching breakdowns. A mellow passage at around the halfway marks gives in to a super guitar solo. For me, Black Moon is probably the album’s strongest cut. The next three tracks are solid metalcore songs but perhaps each track outstays its welcome by a minute or so. I like my metalcore short and sharp.



The staccato riff that opens Your Lost Soul is nice and the semi-whispered vocal in the verse adds something a little different to the song. This is another strong song. Final cut, Death Wish sees the album finish on a solid note, but it doesn’t quite reach the heights of Your Lost Soul.

Antagonism of the Soul is a very sound album from Insolvency. Despite a couple of metalcore-by-numbers songs, the band shows it has a few tricks up its sleeve and they will need to use them if they are to stay afloat in the sea of metal.




Thanks to High Road Publicity for sending me a digital copy for review. \,,/


Formed in 2012, French metal band, Insolvency have spent the last six years furiously building a name and reputation for themselves across their homeland with their energetic metallic assault. The band have appeared at various festivals across France and Luxembourg. Smashing stages with the likes of Napoleon, No Return, Smash it Combo, Melted Space, Atlantis chronicles, FRCTRD.

The band hit the studio in 2016 to record their new album “Antagonism Of The Soul” in the UK with Jim Pinder and Carl Bown (Bullet For My Valentine, While She Sleeps, Machine Head). The result is a whirlwind of Blackstard & Valentin Gondouin’s elastic guitar work, soaring melodies and drummer Mickaël Tamario’s frantic assault; all pinned together by the double vocal barrage of Gondouin & bassist Pierre Challouet. Having signed with French label Send The Wood, with their album being distributed through Seasons of Mist and a stunning debut album in tow and a steadily growing tour schedule; Insolvency are gearing up for a busy eighteen months. Young, passionate and full of potential members.

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