Genocidal Majesty – Gnaw Their Tongues



As the name perhaps suggests, Genocidal Majesty is a punishing and brutally chaotic release from Gnaw Their Tongues and it is an album I am never likely to forget.

Opening with the apocalyptic-sounding Death Leaves the World, we are awakened by a series of tortured shrieks and industrial synths. This is the soundtrack to the end of days right here. The production is bloody raw and honestly, Death Leaves the World is the sound of the universe unravelling. The next track, Spirits Broken by Swords treads a similar path before the title track invites you into a maelstrom of noise and eerie atmospherics. Ten Bodies Hanging suggests a change of pace with its blast-beat intro, it’s probably the most deranged piece of music I’ve ever heard. I can almost feel my sanity crumbling the further I delve into this record. The Doctrine of Paranoid Seraphims sees me reach the halfway point. I give myself a pat on the back for making it this far and make a dash to the drinks cupboard where I reach for something on the top shelf.

If there was an elevator straight to Hell, Gnaw Their Tongues would provide the music. Cold Oven and The Arrival of Inherited Guilt filter more nightmares through your ears. The intro to Cold Oven hints at a little melody, but not long after the wails and guttural shrieks return and To Bear Witness To The Truth is an oppressive and suffocating listening experience whilst Void Sickness is perhaps the album’s most reflective and dare I say melodic piece?

Genocidal Majesty is far from subtle. It is a deeply unpleasant and difficult record to listen to. It is one I’m not entirely sure I’ll listen to regularly, but for those who like their music extreme, you won’t get much more so than on this record. There are some great moments on the record, none more so than on the final track, Void Sickness, and its melancholy outro. Whether you like this kind of album or not I guarantee you will never ever forget it the experience of listening to it.




Holland’s highly prolific and experimental musical artist Maurice “Mories” De Jong returns with a new album for one of the scene’s most intriguing and disturbing musical projects, Gnaw Their Tongues.

Just over a year since the release of their critically lauded “Hymns For The Broken, Swollen And Silent” album, Gnaw Their Tongues now presents us “Genocidal Majesty” and it delivers exactly what the titles promise: an epically brutal, filthy and oppressive sound, but with such an over-arching grandeur that you cannot but feel compelled to descend together with Gnaw Their Tongues into sheer madness. This is an album that grabs your attention by force, and will not let you go.

Featuring The Body’s Chip King on two of the album’s tracks, “Genocidal Majesty” is another tour the force of this remarkable conjurer of darkness.

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