Interview: Genus Ordinis Dei talk metal, influences and gear.



TGR: Thanks for stopping by, please introduce yourselves?

Hello everyone! We are Genus Ordinis Dei, a Symphonic Death Metal band from Italy!


TGR: Can you tell us a little about the history of the band? Where did it all begin? How did you come together?

We were all born and raised in the same town (Crema). We always played in different musical projects before actually coming up with this band. In 2012 we started out Genus Ordinis Dei, we recorded our first album, The Middle, followed by an intense run of shows between Italy and Europe. Later, in 2015 we met Marco Coti Zelati from Lacuna Coil and we started to work together on our self-titled EP with him as a producer.
In 2016 we signed with Mighty Music for the release of both the album and we started to write our brand new album. Meanwhile, we were invited by Lacuna Coil to join their Delirium World Tour as the opening act for every show in EU/UK and it’s been amazing! Back from the tour, we signed a deal with Eclipse Records who released our album Great Olden Dynasty on Nov 24th.


TGR: Who or what do you cite as being influential to your sound? Do your influences extend beyond into film, prose, art, something else perhaps?

We are Italian, so we are influenced a lot by our art and our history. Also, we find inspiration in tv series’ and from the movies.


TGR: How would you describe the band sound? Who do you think your music will appeal to?

We define ourselves Symphonic Death Metal. We take the sound of modern death/core and mix it with symphonic sororities. I think that you can really get into our music if you are a fan of Lamb Of God, Dark Tranquillity, Gojira, Insomnium and Dimmu Borgir.



TGR: How does the songwriting process work? Do you write the music and lyrics collaboratively?

We are not a band that just go to rehearse and jams. We have a very important orchestral parts that have to be arranged. Usually, we come up with some ideas and record pre-production, then we go to rehearse the song and fix what doesn’t work.


TGR: Is there any overarching theme with your music and if so where does this originate from?

Yes, since our very first album we came up with the idea of reinterpreting some biblical stories. Every album is a concept album with every song related to the others, and also, every album is bonded to the others.


TGR: Tell us about your instruments. Are you loyal to any particular brand? If so, why?

Gibson for Nick, or everything that is a Flying V! ESP for Tommy and Steven, and Mapex/Evans/Promark for Richard. We basically love what sounds best for us and we are not endorsing brands that we don’t love. Your instrument has to be a part of yourself!!


TGR: How difficult is it to be heard? Social media is great for finding new talent, but there is also a lot of crap out there. How do you connect with listeners?

It is so difficult! You always have to be professional and take it as a real job even if you are not earning money from it. In the modern era you can reach everyone in the world with just a click, but if you can do that you can expect that everyone else can do that.
Push your limits, believe in what you do, and be the most critical of yourself!



TGR: Can you tell us about some of the highs and lows of your career so far?

We had a very difficult period in our career where we were stuck in a contract with no possibility to break it. For a year we’ve been stuck with an album waiting to come out but we basically couldn’t do that. Luckily things changed and we learned from our mistakes…

But thinking positive, we’ve had the best time in 2016! In just a year we released an album, we wrote our latest one (Great Olden Dynasty), we joined Lacuna Coil’s Delirium World Tour for 31 gigs in the best venues across EU/UK and we met the guys from Eclipse Records. We signed with them for the release of the album and they actually kicked ass! It’s been a great year so far!


TGR: What does your back catalogue look like? What is your most recent release and how can we hear it?

We have our first album, The Middle, our self-titled EP and our latest album Great Olden Dynasty. You can basically find everything on our website, or on FB @ Genus Ordinis Dei, and YouTube too. Of course, if you also google our name, you can find everything too…




Thanks, heaps!

Thank You so much for this! And see you on the road! Hail!

Check out my glowing review of this most excellent album here.

For everything Genus Ordinis Dei, visit their website here.

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    Great stuff! I’ve added to my list on Youtube to check them out 🙂

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