Book review: Imposter Syndrome – Anthology



We love a themed anthology here at and Imposter Syndrome has some brilliant, brilliant stories within its pages. Sometimes I really like the look of a book and this is one such book. So much so, I elevated it to the top of the TBR and wasn’t disappointed with its contents. The book begins strongly with Gary McMahon‘s tale, I Know What They Look Like. This is a great opener, it’s a story about a strange man in the back of a taxi who has a mission in mind. It is a story that succeeds in setting the tone for the rest of the anthology. Things get even better with Laura Mauro‘s heartbreaking tale In The Marrow. This particular tale really hit me hard. I felt as if I’d been hit with an emotional uppercut. It left me totally floored. In The Marrow is the tale of two siblings, one of which becomes gravely ill. The other sister struggles to deal with the trauma of her sister’s situation and creates her own rationalizations to help her cope. The end of this made me weep, I’m not afraid to admit that. It is really well written brilliant, brilliant story.

Similarly, with Ralph Robert Moore‘s story,  Hold My Hand And I’ll Take You There. This is another elegantly written tale that deals with similar themes to In The Marrow. Moore is a wonderful short story writer. His work is always heartfelt, deep and superbly executed. Trust me, this tale of Noah won’t leave a dry eye in the house. Moore is a writer everybody with an interest in dark fiction should be reading.

Elsewhere, I really enjoyed Who Is On The Other Side Of You? by Timothy J. Jarvis. This one has a much different setting (Antarctica). I’m a huge fan of dark tales set in freezing circumstances and this tale of friendship and ultimately betrayal is right out of the top draw. It is a cold setting and a cold, cold story. Excellent work.

I didn’t dislike any of the stories within this anthology though the ones mentioned above were the real standouts for me personally. Each story is completely different and most are engaging in their own way. As with all other anthologies, your mileage will vary, but for me, Dark Minds Press has really delivered a very good book with Imposter Syndrome. And as far as themed anthologies go, this is one of the very best I have read.

4.5/5 doppelgängers from the Grim Reader.

Pick up a copy from here.

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  1. David Spell says:

    Great review. This book isn’t anywhere on my radar and I’m unfamiliar with most of the authors, but it sounds like a great read.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. It really is a great read. I love themed anthologies and this is a cracker!


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