Album review: Pathogenisis – V



I’ve really been enjoying my doom metal recently and V is another band that has been brought to my attention. V features current and former members of bands such as Katatonia, In Mourning, Oak and Afgrund. Suffice to say, my appetite was well whetted!

From the melodic openings of the first track, Souls of the Nearly Departed, I knew that Pathogenisis would be something I would dig. The bands sound lies somewhere between Neurosis and Pallbearer, no bad thing I’m sure you will agree. The vocals, in particular, have that scratchy, pained sound to them whilst the sludgy guitars provide a solid background groove. SOTND is a very good opening song. The sombre march of the second track, Pathogenisis, continues the good work laid by the opening track. Again, the vocals could easily strip the paint from the walls but it’s the delicate musical breaks during this track that I particularly enjoyed. Pathogenisis as a track is heavy on atmosphere, a swirling song that deftly walks the line between bruising and beautiful.

At the End of Your Time sees the band open with some classic doom riffery. As the title suggests, this isn’t a song to play if you need cheering up but it is a stunningly put together piece of music that once again has some truly memorable hooks and melodies. I’m starting to hear a little bit of Enslaved in V, too, and Enslaved is one of my favourite bands. Perfect Predator Pattern and Suspended Animation are both solid numbers with the latter featuring a stunning musical passage midway through the song. The final song, The Order, also deserves a mention. I always think that you should end an album on a high, give the listener a reason to hit the play button and start over again, V do that with The Order. Clocking in at nearly ten minutes in length this song has a really dirty riff a little reminiscent of early Queens of the Stone Age. Soon, we are treated to a psychedelic doom trip through the desert it feels as the song settles into a rhythmic, rumbling groove. The vocals are used sparingly on this track which really allows the band to flex its muscles.

If you dig any of the above-mentioned bands or simply like a little doom with your metal, V is a band that should be on your radar. The band do what they do very well indeed. Highly recommended.


Swedish sludgy doom metal quartet V, featuring current and former members of Katatonia, In Mourning, Oak and Afgrund, return with their first full-length “Pathogenisis” nearly a decade after recording their three-track EP “VI”.
Recorded at Midlake studios in Dalarna – Sweden, mixed by A. Baier at Midlake 2 studios, and mastered by Panu Posti at Mean Seed Lab in Helsinki, the new album is 6 songs and 42 minutes of bleak, dark and sludgy doom metal that will surely appeal to fans of Novembers Doom, Swallow The Sun and Ghost Brigade.

V’s history goes way back to the nineties when the band’s original personnel (two of whom had formed the hardcore band Amend in 1994) were amalgamating a blend of hardcore, death, and thrash metal. Following the recordings of their debut effort, a three-track EP titled “VI” the band went on a hiatus for nearly a decade, returning now with their first full-length album “Pathogenisis”. And with the passage of so many years, V’s sound and conceptual focus has equally changed, the music becoming heavier and more freighted with doom, their world-view transitioning from a path towards a better life with a socio-political agenda into visions of a nihilistic future with constant struggles for survival.


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