Magazine review: Dark Moon Digest #29



I had such a busy November and December last year I totally forgot about the latest DMD!

First up is a story by Betty Rocksteady. Now, I love Betty’s stuff, but I don’t like cats. And,  I’m really not a fan of cats in horror. Why? Well, let’s just say I’ve read a few cat horror stories in the past and they were very, very meh. However, There is a scene in this particular story that made me wince. I could almost taste the fur….. I wonder if you can remember the crap Stephen King movie (from 1992 I think?) called Sleepwalkers? I vaguely remember a scene in that movie that is reminiscent of a scene in Betty’s story. Yuk! cats. I don’t like them. I’m sorry if you do.

I was eager to read the Josh Malerman story after reading about it in an interview. Very weird, very Malerman. The story is both unique, charming and quirky. It’s also pretty damn good. However, the jewel in this months fiction is the novelette from Ashlee Scheuerman in which the forthcoming apocalypse brings about not doom and gloom, death and destruction, but love between two people. Great writing, great story.

DMD always contains great non-fiction and the ever dependable George Lea and Jay Wilburn provide ever thoughtful and intriguing pieces. The excerpt from John Foster’s new novel, Night Roads, is fantastic and Foster is a must-read author. This book looks like being even better than the first one, Dead Men. Go get some.

DMD #29 offers up some very different stories and great non-fiction. If you don’t subscribe to it then you really should. It’s only $1.00 per month! Go here.

4/5 feisty felines from the Grim Reader.

Or pick up a copy from Amazon.

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  1. You don’t like cats? i think you just haven’t met the right cat yet 🙂 I’ll have to check out this mag. I don’t think I’ve heard of it before now.


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