Book review: Naming The Bones – Laura Mauro



Naming The Bones is the fifth novella release from Dark Minds Press. It is also my first time reading Laura’s work of which I’ve heard very good things. Things get off to a fine start with Mauro dragging the reader into a perilous situation when a bomb explodes on the London underground causing chaos. A passenger inexplicably disappears when investigating a light seen in the tunnel and so begins Alessa Spiteri’s quest for answers…

Naming The Bones is a look at post-traumatic stress and how people deal with the aftermath of a life-changing event. This is a very poignant novella. The recent attacks in London seem to have spurned Mauro on to write this creepy story and the Shades (shadow creatures) at the centre of the story act as a kind of metaphor for fear (I think). Alessa exists in a world of terror after surviving the bombing and her sightings of the Shades are terrifying. Her companion, Casey-also a survivor-is honest and believable. She shies away from her initially, but soon discovers that they have a lot more in common than first thought. The book moves along steadily, this isn’t a crash, bang, wallop horror tale. Instead, it is a brooding and dark story that is a little reminiscent of Adam Nevill’s Last Days.

I enjoyed the writing style which is clear yet descriptive when necessary. This is the best Dark Minds Novella I’ve read yet. It is slightly longer and all the better for it. I was thoroughly freaked out by this gripping tale.

4/5 creeping shadows from the Grim Reader.

Pick up a copy from here.


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  1. Huh, I wouldn’t have expected this to be poignant from the cover, but sometimes books are surprising! And I think the reader can interpret books however they want, so the shades being a metaphor for fear is totally valid. Sounds interesting, great review!


    1. Thanks, Kristen. Yeah, I sometimes wonder whether or not I interpret books how the author intended. I guess it’s different for everyone.


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