Book review: Alligators in the Sewers – Unnerving Magazine



Alligators In The Sewers is a limited edition chapbook release by Unnerving Magazine. At around an hour reading, you get a mix of poems and short stories featuring some of the best dark fiction has to offer. Mark Allan Gunnells fantastic opening story, A Rain of Autumn Leaves is truly one to savour. I’ve read many stories detailing the world’s end but never anything like this. The clue as to what this story entails lies in the title and I think this is one terrific tale. Gunnells is a fantastic short story writer and this is one of his very best. Be sure you check out any of his short story collections, you won’t be disappointed.

A vengeful poem by Tonya Liburd is next and then Jess Landry’s tale of loss proves to be another highlight. It’s a little bit creepy but also very moving. I enjoyed Bruce Boston’s Dark Legend, a sort of Grimdark poem if you like though Ronald Malfi’s entry is the real jewel in the crown. Malfi is a fantastic writer and The Underneath is yet another example of his excellence. It is a little reminiscent of Stephen King’s The Dark Half. Malfi crams a lot into this short story and I am sure there are many writers out there who will really connect and understand where he is coming from with this excellent tale. The writing is top class, as is often the case, and if you’ve never read anything by Ronald Malfi before then you need to change that soon. Stephanie Wytovich’s apocalyptic poem, Beneath The Rubble, They’re Watching, ends this short but satisfying collection on a high.

This chapbook release by Unnerving Magazine is a great example of the sort of work they are publishing. A perfect blending of prose and verse, make sure you add this to your TBR real soon.

4/5 death rolls from the Grim Reader

Pick up a copy from here.

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