Album review: Architecture Of Chaos – Satanic

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Canada’s Satanic released their album Architecture Of Chaos in September 2017. The band’s sound straddles the line between death metal and thrash metal. Nice! A volatile mix of guttural vocals, cutting guitars and high-tempo tracks certainly makes for exciting listening and a neck-snapping good time. Opening track Mephistophelian is a thrashy opener, typical of the band’s attack and at over six minutes long, it certainly is ambitious. Thankfully, the six minutes pass by in a blur of tasty shredding riffs and guttural vocals making for a strong start. Next up is World Of Chaos which starts off in more traditional death metal style, similar to Obituary. This doesn’t last long as the thrash returns seconds later and at a little over two minutes in length, it provides the perfect yin to the openers yang. Some of the lead guitar breaks remind me of the late, great Chuck Schuldiner and at times Vocalist Guillaume Petit reminds me of Satyr from Satyricon (which is no bad thing!). There are definite Vader and early Slayer vibes to this band, too, from the guitars to the drumming patterns and the speed at which the band plays. I love the latest Vader record, The Empire, and Architecture Of Chaos has a similar vibe to it, albeit not as polished sounding.

The 8 tracks on offer here will leave you with a sore neck. A mixture of punchy, shorter songs mixed with longer, more textured numbers means the band isn’t afraid to experiment a little, though not at the expense of their traditional death sound.

I’m going to cut to the chase here, Satanic isn’t trying to re-write the death metal rulebook, but nor are they plagiarizing their peers. Architecture Of Chaos is the sound of a band that wears its heart on its sleeve. That sleeve, however, is drenched in blood. The production is solid, this is a dirty sounding record for sure; the guitars are razor-sharp, the bass rumbles along in a bowel-loosening manner and the vocals come straight from the crypt. A very solid release indeed.

Check out the video for World Of Chaos below and follow the band at the links. Their album is available from all online retailers. \,,/





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