Book review: Knock and You Will See Me – Andrew Cull



I’ve heard some very positive things about Andrew Cull so I decided to pick up his latest release, Knock and You Will See Me. This novella was a very pleasant surprise. The story is very straightforward and sees us follow a series of clues left by a deceased father. Ellie Ray’s discovery leads her on a mission to try to piece together the clues surrounding her father’s death. On the surface, it might sound a little Scooby-Doo, but Cull’s characters are very real, the tension that builds up throughout the story as the notes become more frequent and frightening is excellent and it is very easy to fall into the story and become invested in its characters.

Knock and You Will See Me is a well-written supernatural horror story that moves along at a brisk pace and never feels like it over-stays its welcome. The end went in a slightly different direction to what I thought would happen and was much the better for it. The messages from beyond the grave story arc isn’t particularly original but I don’t mind at all so long as the storytelling and the characters is top draw, and with this it is.

Cull’s prose style is smooth and very easy to digest. I will definitely be looking to read more of his stories.

4/5 whispers from beyond from the Grim Reader.

Pick up a copy from here.

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  1. David Spell says:

    Great review. I’ve seen a lot of buzz about this one too. I should give it a read.

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  2. I picked it up for $2.00, money well-spent. I think you’d enjoy this one, David.

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