EP review: The Bottom – Ghastly Sound



The Grim Reader is here again to welcome you to another slice of face-shredding, stonercore metal. Ghastly Sound are a heavy yet melody-wise three-piece that features…..wait for it….NO GUITARS!

Now, before you go running off screaming “SACRILIGE!”, believe me when I say that the noise coming from TJ Maynard’s bass, coupled with the hard-hitting percussive slams from drummer Ryan Lewis more than compensate for the lack of a six string. Check out the opening track, Waves, which smashes into you like the proverbial tsunami before reaching a soaring vocal line. Track 2, The Bottom, has a stoner, doom vibe with its sludgy verse riffs and droned vocal. Quite a lot different from the opener, but no less cool. The urgency picks up at the start Holy Serpent before settling down into another solid track. The bass intro to Deadtooth sounds like something from the latest Satyricon album. It’s a brooding intro that soon crashes into a stonercore groove. Final song, Sink, opens like Converge with vocalist Tyler Gurwicz screaming over the verse before crooning through a melodic chorus. All in all, this is a solid release from Ghastly Sound.

I quite enjoyed The Bottom EP. It features 5 tracks of stoner rock/metal with the track running times being nice and short it means the songs get in, smash you around the head a little then get out. It is also a hard-hitting collection that dips its toes into a few different metal genres, keeping it from sounding derivative. A promising release for sure.

Thanks to Magnetic Eye Records for sending me a digital copy for review. \,,/


Unbridled new EP The Bottom offers 5 monster tunes that continue the range showcased on Ghastly Sound’s debut, running the gamut from sonic-boom speed to dying sun implosions.

Perhaps that’s why Invisible Oranges called the band, “A powerful and unique take on what a rock band can be in 2017,” and Rock and Roll Fables was inspired to proclaim, “Ghastly Sound release debut EP, singlehandedly save rock and roll in the process.”

All of this is courtesy of a band that, lest anyone forget, is driven solely by drums, vocals and bass – no guitars whatsoever.

Why?  Because they have everything they need, and when you listen, you won’t doubt it.

It’s not all press blurbs and one-liners with this band, though.

In August, following the horrific events at the white supremacist rally in Charlottesville, Ghastly Sound bassist TJ Maynard identified a local resident as someone from a white power band who’d taken part, and led the charge to have the man removed from employment within the community.  He explains:

“They didn’t fire him because he went to the rally or exercised his right to freedom of speech. They fired him because when the community saw that he was there, they told his employer that they would lose business if they kept him around.”

Commenting on the story, Metal Sucks gave Maynard’s actions their own horns up:

“The liberal metal community is doing us all proud by fighting back against total asshats in a variety of non-violent ways…. Ghastly Sound are a really talented group of guys, and as icing on the cake, it turns out they’re proud Social Justice Warriors, too. “

All instruments recorded by Daryl Rabidoux at The Radar Studio, with vocals recorded by Ryan Cohen at Robot Dog Studio.  Mixing and mastering by Ryan Cohen.  The Bottom will be released worldwide on December 15, 2017.

Ghastly Sound:

  • Tyler Gurwicz – Vocals
  • Ryan Lewis – Drums
  • TJ Maynard – Bass


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