Album review: As The Sun Sleeps – Invidia



With ex-members of Five Finger Death Punch and Skinlab among them, it comes as little surprise that Invidia brings with them elements of their previous employers sound. I’m talking about fat, crunching guitars, hard-hitting drums, rumbling bass lines and an ear for melody. All of this is blended together to form a radio-friendly groove metal maelstrom.

Invidia employs a sing-along style metal sound and has enough songs in its arsenal to get pits slamming and fans shouting the catchy choruses right back at them. The opening track, Now Or Never, perfectly showcases what the band is about with its driving rhythms and memorable chorus. Feed The Fire is another early highlight. It’s got an opening tailor-made to get the pits jumping. The verse has a bit of a Mudvayne feel to it and the chorus is a ripper. It is a top track. Rotten employs some subtle industrial elements to its verse. There is a bit of a retro vibe to this track-it almost reminds me of something from Filter’s Short Bus record. It’s very cool, heavy on melody and will linger long in the memory.

Till Death opens with a riff that is sure to loosen any fillings inside your mouth as does Truth In The Sky, another highlight. Step Up is the only track that doesn’t do very much for me. The song sounds a little dated, like something from the late 90s but it’s a rare misstep on what is a very cohesive, confident and catchy metal album. The spoken word intro and hypnotic guitars to The Other Side are also very cool and this is another solid track with a big chorus. The final track, As The Sun Sleeps, finishes the album on a high. Despite its slightly cheesy lyrics, the track is a banger with another great chorus, and a powerful chugging, grooving guitar riff. Let your ears bleed!

The tracks on As The Sun Sleeps certainly aren’t guilty of outstaying their welcome. In fact, the longest track clocks in at just over 4 minutes. This is good. The band gets in, hit hard, hit often and rarely does your head stay still. This album certainly won’t change the world, the sound isn’t hugely original, but, you know, the band stick to their guns, write good songs and know who their target audience is. Fans of the above-mentioned bands will seriously dig Invidia and their plethora of catchy metal tunes.

Thanks to High Road Publicity for a digital copy of this album. \m/


It may sound trite, but Invidia is truly a brotherhood. When they came together to make As The Sun Sleeps, they knew just what they didn’t want and how far they were willing to go to make it work on their terms. INVIDIA features former members of Five Finger Death Punch and Skinlab. Recently Invidia announced the addition of Evan Seidlitz as the newest member of the band, replacing vocalist Travis Johnson. Seidlitz is no stranger to the frontman spotlight, known for his work in VYCES, Thrown Into Exile and Grimace. The band is very excited to be on this new journey with Seidlitz and has no doubts that fans will be pleased with what he has to bring to the table.





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