EP review and Atmospheres video: Shapes – Constructs



I do like a bit of prog metal here at Grim Reader Reviews and there is a lot to like from California’s Constructs. Instrumental music can come across as a little self-indulgent to some, but as a musician myself, I happen to quite enjoy it. I’m not entirely sure I can listen to it endlessly for hours and hours, but now and then it is something a little different. Constructs work their way through 6 tracks of metallic prog on their latest EP, Shapes. Opener, Tempest, is has a frantic beginning, a track full of staccato guitar riffing, industrial synth noises and some excellent drum-fills and patterns. It is a formula that works well for Constructs, and one they use throughout the record. Things settle down for the more straightforward Atmospheres. This is much easier on the palette and features equal moments of melody and power. The bass in this song also stands out. Check out the video below.

Elsewhere, the track Event Horizon features perhaps one of Shapes’s most memorable guitar riffs and melodies. The song has a steady groove to it and there is nice interlude where things quiet down around the halfway stage before picking up and leading into a crushing riff. Final track, Drift, is perhaps the highlight on the record. I definitely got some John Petrucci influence here with the guitar. It’s a real nice track combining melody, power and supreme musicianship. Some outstanding guitar on this track.

7 tracks of instrumental prog metal is definitely enough for me. The music is excellent and all members are more than accomplished on their instruments. I’d have liked a little more variation overall as some of the quieter passages during the songs are quite stunning. Shapes shows an impressive, technical display of musicianship by Constructs and all in all I enjoyed the journey. Fans of Dream Theater and Tesseract will enjoy what this band has to offer.

Thanks to High Road Publicity for sending me a digital copy. \m/

Constructs is a three-piece progressive metalcore band hailing from San Jose, California that formed in 2015. Their name comes from the idea that everything in our reality is in some way, shape, or form, a construct, whether it be thought patterns, society, or the way we interact with each other and the world. The band, consisting of Trayen Burke, Gordo Leete, and Dennis Willoner, have spent the past two years polishing and refining their sound while writing and recording their debut EP Shapes. The band draws influence from metal titans such as Northlane, Periphery, Animals As Leaders, Dream Theater, and is focused on creating a precise, articulate, and stunning live performance. Constructs has been privileged to share the stage the Strawberry Girls, Jason Richardson, Stolas and The Reign of Kindo.


Check out the video for the song Atmospheres:




Gordo Leete – Bass
Dennis Willoner – Drums
Trayen Burke – Guitar

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