Book review: Mechanisms of Despair – Gary Buller



Don’t despair, Gary Buller is here!

Gary Buller first appeared on my book radar when reading the Monsters Exist anthology. His story, Wicked Congregation, really stood out for me due to its originality, and it did so inside a book that featured other great stories. It was perhaps a no-brainer that I decided to pick up his recently released short story collection, Mechanisms of Despair. A great reason for you to pick up this book of horror shorts is because the money raised from sales is going to The Alzheimers Foundation and Sarcoma UK.

While there isn’t quite anything to rival that excellent story in Monsters Exist, Gary’s collection certainly shows the chap has a wicked imagination, and although still relatively fledgling in his writing career there are some very promising signs. At just over an hours reading the tales are short and sharp (pun intended), with a couple of flash pieces also included. There is even a story at the end about a zombie dog penned by Buller’s daughter!

Onto some of the highlights for me and personal favourites include The Way Out, the opening tale in which Buller really gave me the creeps. I reckon Gary has stayed in a few creepy hotels in his time judging by this tale and some of the other stories included. I also really liked the flash piece, Blackout, too, another tale that gives you just enough to make you think to check the doors and windows to your house are locked up nice and tight. Christmas tale, The Present is also very good. I generally hate Christmas themed horror stories…with a passion, but this one worked well for me. It is a horror gift story that keeps on giving…

There isn’t anything in here that I’d call a dud. It is only a slim collection but this works in its favour and so I have no hesitation in recommending checking out the wicked words of Gary Buller.

4/5 pints from Salford’s finest establishment from the Grim Reader.

Pick up a copy from here.

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