Album review: Between Death and Dead – Coffin Carousel




I hate to use the word ‘catchy’ when talking about music, but that is exactly what this record is. From start to finish, Coffin Carousel awakened my inner Misfit and had me singing along like an escaped mental patient to Between Death and Dead. The Melbourne punk rockers album drops a couple of weeks before Halloween and believe me, this is the perfect soundtrack for the time of year.

I mentioned the band The Misfits earlier and just looking at the promo images and listening to single, Majestic, it’s no secret Coffin Carousel are influenced by the legendary punk rockers. Still, Between Death and Dead is chock full of killer punk songs and the band is far from being a tribute act. Check out the opening track, Pale Raven Sky, with its snarling vocal, fuzzy guitar tone and heavy rhythm section, this song demonstrates exactly what this band is about.

Other highlights on the record include current single, Majestic, which is 2 minutes of punk perfection to my ears, as is the excellent Bat Shit Crazy. I promise you will not be able to get this one out of your head for days! So Cherry is another memorable song. It sees the band slow things down a little, but it’s a track propelled by a driving guitar riff and a verse that features some eerie background noises which I adore. There also features a suitably bonkers cover of The Supremes classic, You Keep Me Hangin’ On, which works really well and finishes the album on a high note.

The production on the record is dirty, but suits the band well. The fuzzy guitar tone the  pounding rhythm section and the vocals all sound great and I love the whole vibe of the record. The songs are short and sharp, most being memorable in one way or another. I really dig this record. The album drops from Eclipse Records on Friday October 13th! You should pick a copy up especially if you dig The Misfits.

4/5 empty coffins from the Grim Reader.


The Coffin Carousel moshpit menu of rock and roll rhythm management serves your order of crude noise embellishment to a delicious horror HIFI effect, crushing together flavors of post-grunge, doom and horror punk rock music that infuses spooky sounds, supercharged guitars, bass-heavy riffs and melodic hard-pressed vocals which sync with action packed back beat drumming.

Conceived by Howard Von Noise (Diamond Noir, Hatchet Dawn), Coffin Carousel has created an un-compromised dark rock-pop textured music style delivering a compelling organic experience to an original musical and lyrical expressive ride under the mixing proficiency of Grammy award-winning Neil Kernon (Queensryche, Hall & Oates, Cannibal Corpse, Dokken) behind the mixing desk of the Coffin Carousel blackened incrusted sound production on their new album Between Death & Dead dropping worldwide Friday 13th October 2017 via Eclipse Records.

Coffin Carousel launched with the debut Single Sinister in November 2014 and have since released a 6-track EP Fiend, a cover single Doom Pop in 2015, Predators single in 2016, double A-Side single Bat Shit Crazy/Toxic Candy mid-2016, The Strange single on Halloween 2016 and the Live In Fiend City EP and pro shot live set January 2017.

After a sizzling few years on the creepy grill Howard Von Noise is letting the bat out of the bun and flipping over eighteen brand new songs recorded over the past 3 years before being mixed by Grammy-award winning producer Neil Kernon, and mastered by Alan Douches (Misfits, Motorhead, Cancer Bats). The band signed with Eclipse Records in the Summer of 2017, and their debut full length album Between Death & Dead is set for a worldwide release on Friday October 13, 2017



Visit Eclipse Records for more great rock and metal releases.


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    4/5 empty coffin Haahaahaa

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