Book review: Down on the Street – Alec Cizak



Man, this is a grim read indeed….and I loved it. Cizak’s tale of a cab driver and his hot, young, sex-crazed neighbour is about as noir as it gets. Lester Banks is locked in a daily life struggle. His job sucks, he can barely pay the rent on his apartment and there is little in the way of hope for things improving. He hooks up with his young neighbour, Chelsea, and becomes her pimp (as you do!) in a business adventure that is doomed to fail. Our two leads new adventure starts off well enough with the money flowing steadily in, but there are troubled times ahead-somebody always wants a piece of the pie! What follows is a tale that gets darker and darker until you can barely see where you are going.

Down on the Street is filled with broken, wretched people. I don’t believe there is a single character in the book with anything in the way of a redeeming feature, and yet, Cizak has an uncanny ability to make you keep turning the pages. I don’t know if it is due to the fact that I recognize some of the struggles of these people and feel a sort of kinship with them or is it simply down to my desire to read about tortured, desperate characters?

Whatever the case may be, this story is excellent. Like I said, it is grim stuff, violent, sexually charged and some of Banks’ actions made me want to punch him in the face, but still, I kept on reading. Cizak makes his characters believable, their actions realistic and the writing is pretty damn good. I love it when a book is like a drug, I could not put it down. Superb.

4.5/5 poor decisions from the Grim Reader

Pick up a copy from here.

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