Magazine review: Dark Moon Digest #28


The latest issue of Dark Moon Digest is host to more excellent short horror fiction, non-fiction and book reviews. Amongst the fiction, opening tale, Rewards Card, by Tom W. Miller reads like an episode from Tales From the Crypt. Rewards cards are seemingly thrust upon you in every store you visit these days and when a local hardware store, Hanks, offers one that is too good to refuse you just know that all will not end well. This is a great start to the magazine. Patrick Lacey’s The Last Meme follows up the good work and Chupi by Phillip A. Myers also worked well with its diary entry narrative style.

George Lea takes a good look at video game Bloodborne, examining its narrative like gameplay that fuses horror with dark fantasy. It’s yet another great read and cements Lea’s standing as a fine writer of non-fiction. He always covers unusual subjects and his insights are top, top draw.  Back to the fiction and Robert Dean’s story of excess and celebrity lifestyle in To Be Loved By All is a clever look at the pitfalls of making a deal with the devil to up your social media status. There are a few other stories as well, all pretty damn good, but I’ll let you find out about those ones for yourself.

More non-fiction sees Jay Wilburn return to try to put you off becoming a writer but he also shares some useful tips on how to stay active with your work. There is a great review by Tony McMillen of Jeremy Robert Johnson’s Entropy In Bloom collection, then follows and a less than flattering look at the latest King/Chizmar book, Gwendy’s Button Box (which I still haven’t got around to reading yet) from Max Booth III. There is an excerpt from Live On No Evil by Jeremiah Israel at the end of the magazine that I didn’t read as I bought the e-book and plan on getting to it in the not too distant future.

I always thoroughly enjoy my time reading Dark Moon Digest and if you like horror fiction then I think you will, too.

5/5 scythes from the Grim Reader.

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