Book review: In The River – Jeremy Robert Johnson


Firstly, one reason you should definitely pick up a copy of this book is because all of the first months royalties from sales will be donated to Portland Homeless Family Solutions. I didn’t request a review copy of this book, I bought it.

Those of you already familiar with the works of Jeremy Robert Johnson can rest easy in knowing that this surprise novella release from Lazy Fascist Press is yet another example of why he is held in such high regard among his peers and by readers. Johnson’s novella is a tale of loss and grief as a fishing trip soon turns sour. It is a story that is equal parts horrific and emotional. In The River tells of a father’s determination and the lengths he will go to in the hope of avenging his son. From the opening pages I was swept away with Johnson’s prose and after only ten minutes of reading I felt emotionally shattered. I was desperate to finish the story in one night, however, it was late and my eyes grew tired. I kept thinking about what I’d read the next day at work and couldn’t wait to dive back in (a few puns in this review, I know).

I’m keeping this review short and sweet: The writing is top draw and the father’s grief all too real. As a parent myself the thought of losing a child is simply unbearable and Johnson channels this thoughtfully within the book. The ending is a real sucker punch and left me with tears in my eyes. It isn’t very often this happens, believe me.

Pick up a copy of this superb novella because Jeremy is doing something good in the world, and by God do we need some good in the world at present. Also, pick it up because Johnson is a fantastic writer and this is a beautifully told story.

5/5 broken reels from the Grim Reader.

Pick up a copy from here.

Find out how else you can help Portland Family Homeless Solutions by visiting the link here.

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