Book review: Stone Wall – Dominic Stabile


I’m not a big reader of sci-fi or cyberpunk but Dominic Stabile’s previous novel in the Stone series, Stone Work, was an unlikely hit for me last year. In Stone, Stabile has created an engaging yet flawed protagonist you cannot help but route for. Here is a man that lets his actions speak louder than his words. Stone is a grey character, one with a dark past and a pretty bleak future. This is a sequel. Stone Wall is set in a place called City. The city in which Stone operates has a certain Blade Runner feel to it, except that this city is filled with all manner of odd creatures, but similarly untrustworthy locals and corrupt police officers. The Wall separates City from the wastelands and the unimaginable horror that live beyond.

Stone was once a prisoner of The Wall. Now, he must return. He takes on a job with a huge payday…should he survive, of course. After a narrow escape, Stone enlists (unwillingly) the assistance of old partner, Kendrick-a man you’d trust about as far as you can throw. They must return to The Wall to rescue somebody that may not even be alive anymore. And so begins a cyberpunk adventure with plasma cannons, witty dialogue, great action and some cool characters.

Stone Wall is different from its predecessor in that Stone Work was a collection of connected stories, whereas this is a novel. The format worked very well with the first book. I really enjoyed this latest adventure, too, though it isn’t quite as punchy as the previous book. Old faces reappear, and the addition of Kendrick is welcome, particularly as his banter with Stone provides for some great exchanges. With Stone Wall, Dominic Stabile has created another fine pulpy cyberpunk romp through a dystopian future, filled with memorable action scenes and some solid characters. It’s what I like to call popcorn fiction. Just leave your brain at the first page, buckle up for some high-octane thrills and strap on your biggest plasma cannon. Turbulent times lie ahead, but it’s a lot of fun.

4/5 plasma blasts from the Grim Reader.

Pick up a copy from here.

Think you might dig the Stone series? Check out an excerpt from each book by following this link here.


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