Album review: Aeraco – Baptized By Fire

Aeraco - Baptized By Fire - Album Artwork

Aeraco treads a path where melodic hard rock meets with feel-good party anthems on their latest album, Baptized By Fire. Baptized by Fire has all of the necessary ingredients for it to appeal to fans of bands like Dokken, Firehouse, Savatage, Poison and others of a similar mould. The opening track, Back With Vengence, sees the band set its stall out early with a melodic guitar solo intro before kicking into a higher gear with a track serves up a solid starting point. It is a feel-good track that I really dig. Cum To Rock keeps the feel-good party vibe going and sounds a little like Motley Crue (Dr Feelgood era) in parts, complete with chanted pre-chorus, it’s a fun number.

It isn’t until Baptized By Fire and Stab In Dim Light where Aeraco starts to stamp their authority on their sound. Whilst the first two tracks are fun, I much preferred the title track and in particular Stab In Dim Light. This track had me air-guitaring like I was listening to Savatage’s Edge Of Thorns all over again it’s great stuff. I love the main riff to this one, too. It’s back into party rock mode for Tequila and Lime and a track that could easily be from Poison’s Look What the Cat Dragged In album.

Ballad, All I Know, is sure to see a few cigarette lighters held aloft (or is it cell phones these days?). Withered Rose is one of the albums strongest tracks. It features a strong vocal and it also has a heavier feel to it. In Hell We Trust sees the pace pick up with its driving rock style and the following track, In Vain has a great intro riff, one of the albums best and it’s another solid tune. Bad opens with a riff that sounds like 80s Ozzy Osbourne-no bad thing. This song is pure 80s hard rock, right down to the lyrics and the anthemic chorus. The final three tracks all offer a similar standard of hard rockin’ tunes but it’s final song, The Outlaw that packs the most punch.

There are some great riffs on this album and memorable tunes. The vocals are strong as is the musicianship and there is consistency with the songwriting. The cover art is slick and I’d advise fans of the bands I’ve already mentioned to check Aeraco out.

Thanks to High Road Publicity for a digital copy of this album for review.

Aeraco - Promo Photo

Aeraco is America’s hard rock band, born and bred in Chicago, IL Zero cliche’s, no games and you won’t find any gimmicks here. Leave what you know about rock n’ roll at the door and get ready to rock n’ roll! With influences drawn from old school 80’s metal and newer modern metal-Aeraco delivers. Having a powerful vocal section, songs with blistering solos and melodic riffs, a pounding rhythm section and hard hitting bass, Aeraco are sure to send your sanity into the abyss.

Combine their sound with their live show and you have a clash of the musical titans. Headbanging and wild stage antics aren’t just the norm at every show… they’re a requirement. Aeraco’s explosive performance is certain to elevate some heart rates and give concert goers an adrenaline rush. If you’re thinking guitar playing behind your head, engaging stage banter, guitar battles and sheer musical mayhem, then you’ve come to the right place.
Self-produced, self-financed and self-run, Aeraco is a heavy metal powerhouse that’s here to stay. They have performed across the country and have shared the bill with some of the worlds biggest rock acts including Alice in Chains, Rise Against, Hollywood Vampires, Dokken and more. They’ve also played some of the most iconic venues, biggest fests and incredible state fairs this country has to offer.
Aeraco’s material has garnered them worldwide attention with impressive testimonials from venues, festivals, magazines, bloggers, fans and more. Their music videos in combination with radio play in countries like the U.S., Italy and the United Kingdom have given the band a growing fan base. The family of outlaws, bandits and public enemies continues to grow in numbers.So if you consider yourself a rebel, a mutineer and an outlaw… then you’re going to fit right in. Light your torches and round up your crew because it’s time to join the gang. Mischief and mayhem is the standard around these parts. Are you locked and loaded? Because we are!
Lock and load…


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