EP review: Expain – Pinching Nerves


Firstly, what a great cover for this EP by Expain. The band leaves few stones left unturned with their firebrand delivery of hook-laden riffs, furious rhythms and barked vocals. With their feet straddling a number of metal genres, Expain doesn’t wish to be pigeonholed. It could sound messy when a band tries to stretch itself across so many different areas but thankfully this isn’t the case here. Opener, They Live (classic movie!) kicks down the door with its flurry of dueling guitar parts. Harmonies are rife, and there is definite Iron Maiden feel to the music on this track. The Witch is Dead is much more straightforward with its crushing delivery, but it also has a more reflective segment in which the bass and guitar take centre stage. Pinching Nerves starts with a solid groove before things soon pick up, the band driving forward with reckless abandon. Corridors of the Mind has some of the EPs most impressive musicianship and once again the band stretches its impressive chops with breakneck riffing and a passionate vocal from Sean Ip. The song Pathways opens with some superb melody and some really excellent guitar. I love the energy in this song and it’s probably my favourite song on the EP. Final track, Torch Formula treads the familiar path walked by the band on earlier tracks like They Live and Pinching Nerves. It has a kind of hardcore style chant which works well and adds something a little different.

Overall, I really enjoyed the energy from the band on this EP. The vocals are strong and the musicianship is top, top draw. There are some great riffs and bassist Alex Giles and drummer Ryan Idris are no slouches either. The songs are good, too. If you dig Black Dahlia Murder, Allegaeon or even At The Gates, then Expain should be on your radar.

Thanks to Asher Media Relations for a digital copy of the EP.

The Pinching Nerves EP is out September 15th! So go get it!


L-R = Pat Peeve – Guitar,
Eli Slamang – Guitar,
Sean Ip – Vocals,
Ryan Idris – Drums,
Alex Giles – Bass.

It’s been some years since EXPAIN‘s debut album “Just The Tip” enlightened the senses of metal fans across Canada and beyond. The album brought forward a great combination of thrash, death, prog, technical and jazz influences all balanced for a very welcomed mosh pit of madness, especially for fans that enjoy the styles of bands like Revocation, Black Dahlia Murder and Vektor. Touring across the country these past years, EXPAIN is back with a fresh line up that includes Eli Slamang on guitar (Ex-Skull Vultures) and Sean Ip on vocals (The Hallowed Catharsis). The band will be releasing their perfectly titled EP “Pinching Nerves” on September 15th, which will be doing exactly as it says with its flurry of six cacophonous tracks of pounding drums, harmony laden riffs and in your face catchy vocals. The EP even showcases a very legendary special guest, guitarist Dan Mongrain (Voivod, Martyr) on “Corridors of The Mind”, which the band has teamed up with GearGods.net to exclusively premiere the video playthrough featuring Mongrain’s solo with shredding attacks from EXPAIN’s Pat Peeve and Eli Slamang.

Watch “Corridors Of The Mind” ft. guest guitar solo by Dan Mongrain (Voivod, Martyr) at the following link: http://geargods.net/exclusives/explain-playthrough/

In additional news, EXPAIN will be touring this September with Divinity for dates in Alberta.


Tour Dates w/ Divinity:
September 21 – Innisfail, AB – The Zoo
September 22 – Edmonton, AB – Mercury Room
September 23 – Calgary, AB – Distortion
September 24 – Lethbridge, AB – Cornucopia (ALL AGES)
September 25 – Drumheller, AB – Neighbours’ Corner Pub
September 26 – Banff, AB – Hoodoo

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  1. The small part of the EP I was able to find and listen to is definitely worth it. In particular, in ‘Corridors of the Mind’ they really show what they can do. Another great choice for a review 😉


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