Book review: The Grimhaven Disaster – Leo X. Robertson


The Grimhaven Disaster is a slightly odd but hugely entertaining novella from Leo X. Robertson and published by Unnerving Magazine. As much as it is definitely a horror novella, it also has a little bit of the absurd attached to it which I think will make it appeal to readers who enjoy Bizarro fiction too.

This pacey story features some colourful characters that are each given sufficient enough story time for you to create an opinion of them. What could possibly go wrong with a group of horny kids celebrating their high school freedom by taking a trip to an abandoned nuclear power plant? Well, quite a lot as it seems. Themis and friends soon fall foul of the ghosts that haunt the plant including Themis’ puddled grandfather. This results in several scenes that feature blistered bodies, hideous aberrations of the flesh and moments that had me rekindling my love for the Silent Hill franchise and even Hellraiser.

I think the cover art is a great representation of the story. It is both odd and vividly colourful which perfectly correlates the tale within. The prose style is quite minimalist, which I like and The Grimhaven Disaster shows that Robertson has a great imagination for horror. There is a definite sense of fun and freedom that goes along with the blase attitude the characters have towards…well, everything really. Such is the nature of youth. This helps The Grimhaven Disaster make for an entertaining read. I’d even go as far to say that this is possibly one of the most original ghost stories that I’ve ever read.

A fun-filled 4/5 radioactive barrels from the Grim Reader.

Pick up a copy from Unnerving Magazine or from Amazon.


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  1. LizScanlon says:

    Interesting… I’ve read one title by Robertson before (won it on Goodreads actually)- Bonespin Slipspace I think it’s called… so I can imagine the absurd that may appear in The Grimhaven Disaster! Will take note of this one for future read, thanks.

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