Magazine review: Unnerving Issue #3


Issue #3 of Unnerving Magazine rolls around and it’s an absolute doozy! Opening with a fantastic story by Paul Michael Anderson in which he asks: How far will a father go to relieve his daughter from any future pain, both physical and mental? Anderson writes heartfelt dark fiction so well and this story is brilliant and emotional, particularly for myself as my daughter is also called Evie. I got a little something in my eyes at the end which made them water, if you know what I mean?!

A weird little short by Mary Crosbie called Snuffles is next, and it’s a great example of the reader never truly knowing what sort of stories you will find within the pages of Unnerving Magazine. Mike Thorn’s tale of capital punishment by way of a black hole in space is also very cool and it makes me look forward to his short story collection coming later this year. Bill Adler’s Losing Your Fear uses the classic monster in the closet story about a brother that loves to scare his sibling. But when Billy hides inside Debra’s closet, he finds out that he is not alone!

Some good non-fiction work from Gwendolyn Kiste, and there is an interview with Comet Press’ Cheryl Mullenax and Randy Chandler, in which they talk about their forthcoming magazine ‘Red Room’, which sounds great. Also, I enjoyed the piece about literary agents and submissions. For all wordsmiths out there, this is important information from people who know what they are talking about. Writers take heed!

More fiction by the consistent Betty Rocksteady and a great short, weird, slimy tale by William Marchese called Daddy. Read it and squirm, folks! There appears to be a parental theme running through this issue concerning a few of the stories and I like that a lot. There is more besides what I’ve mentioned here, though you should really be reading this excellent magazine for yourself. I love fiction magazines. The balance between new stories, thoughtful non-fiction, interviews and reviews provide readers’ with the perfect escape for a couple of hours.

5/5 scythes from the Grim Reader.

Pick up a copy from here.

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