Book review: Neon Golgotha – Michael Faun


Oh boy! Where to start with this one! Neon Golgotha is a book I was curious about, curious enough to part with my hard-earned coin. What I got was 5 connected stories featuring lots of sex, murder and death. If this is your thing then keep reading, if not I’ll see you again soon. This short book features some of the most grimy, desperate characters you could ever wish to read about. None of them have anything in the way of redeeming features. The Neon Golgotha Hotel offers guests the chance to live out their darkest desires, and that is exactly what they do. From the opening few sentences, readers are plunged head-first into a bottomless well of depravity, sadism and fetishism where nothing is out-of-bounds.

Faun wastes very little time in giving extreme horror readers exactly what they want. The prose style is very on-point, with minimal exposition, which suits the book well. It’s a grim read that mostly relies on shock value rather than character depth and plot. The guests are selfish, narcissistic and empty, the perfect vessels for which Faun can do as he pleases.

Neon Golgotha isn’t going to change your life, or make you want to stay overnight anywhere soon. At less than one hours reading, it isn’t a huge investment of your time either and fans of extreme fiction will find plenty to enjoy. For me, it was just okay; interesting enough for me to finish but I don’t think it will be on my ‘best of 2017’ list come the year’s end.

I do really like the cover art!

3/5 vacant rooms from the Grim Reader.

Pick up a copy from here.

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