Book review: The ADHD Vampire – Matthew Vaughn



I needed a little nonsense in my reading life, and The ADHD Vampire was my ticket to ride. So, what happens when an age-old evil in the form of Horace Dracul awakens and is set loose on an unsuspecting cruise ship (the U.S.S. Exciter!)? Carnage, sex and flashing light distractions, that’s what! The Exciter is a cruise ship filled with sex-crazed old people and Horace is eager to feed on their withered flesh.

I picked this up for a very reasonable 99c on Kindle. It’s bonkers and complete nonsense with nothing in the way of plot or character development, but that’s okay, because I wanted nothing else but to be humoured and entertained, and that is exactly what happened. The ADHD Vampire will never win any literary recognition, but if you enjoy reading Bizarro fiction then this is a lot of fun. A LOT OF FUN! For horror fans, there are enough torn throats and severed limbs to keep you entertained and Bizarro fiction fans get just what they would expect. There are some genuinely hilarious moments and Horace is quite the character, one who loathes playing second fiddle to his much more famous half bother. Throw into the mix a geriatric cyborg/spy and you have one hours worth of brain in neutral reading entertainment.

I do enjoy a trip down Bizarro lane. It isn’t something I could read all the time as I get the feeling I would tire of it, but every now and then it provides a welcome escape from the horrors of daily life. This book certainly won’t change your life, or even have you desperate to read more from the genre, but it is worthy of your time.

A solid 3.5/5 bite marks from the Grim Reader.

Pick up a copy from here.

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