Album review: Naberus – The Lost Reveries


Naberus’ album, The Lost Reveries is one I am listening to a lot at the moment. This Australian four piece blend aggression with melody and power to produce a strong record that should appeal to fans of melodic death and metalcore.

The In Flames/Soilwork style to opening track, Drones, starts the album off strongly. A snarling verse vocal, strong chorus backed up by some meaty riffage and a solid rhythm section means I am immediately on board. Things don’t let up with the weighty Unmasked and following track Close Your Eyes. I particularly like the urgency found during the verse in Close Your Eyes, it gives the track a bit of a punk feel, great chorus on this track, too. The intro to Embers sees the band slow things down a little. It’s a nice change of pace to the album and the track builds nicely. The track itself acts as a kind of prelude to the excellent Torch The Sky, one of the albums strongest songs, for sure. Torch The Sky is a catchy powerhouse track. The chorus is epic and I love everything about this song.

The foundations have been set for a strong album. The band aren’t really breaking any new ground, but I don’t care, they consistently deliver pummeling, powerful, catchy songs and this continues with personal favourite, Vultures, and also with the excellent Voices. Both these songs are really good, but Vultures in particular stuck in my head for days after hearing it.

Towards the back-end of the album, tracks such as the acoustic led, Darkest day, with its anthemic chorus, and the six-minute plus Gallows, which has numerous layers to it, both impress. Instrumental, Dirge For Sanity is melodic and heavy. I wasn’t too sold on Walk The Streets or Cohesion, both are okay, but not quite up to the high standard set previously. The final track, Reveries, opens with some nice guitar work, before settling into the familiar Naberus groove. It is a very solid final song.

I’m very impressed by this release from Eclipse Records. The Lost Reveries contains a very strong collection of tracks, with great vocals, buzz-saw guitars and a pounding rhythm section. The mixing and production are spot-on. If you’re a fan of Soilwork, In Flames etc then don’t pass this one up. Highly recommended!

4.5/5 stars from the Grim Reader



James Ash (vocals, guitar), Dan Ralph (guitar), Jordan Mitchell (bass), Chris Sheppard (drums)

Hailing from Melbourne Australia, Naberus are a four piece metal band heavily influenced by melodic death, and thrash metal. After forming in 2009, the band released their demo ‘Ruins of Society’ (2010), which showcased their ability to blend aggression, melody and groove. The demo captivated listeners worldwide, reaching #4 in the metal charts. The band quickly drew the attention of producer Ermin Hamidovic (Periphery, Elm street, Orpheus, Eye of the Enemy, In Malices Wake) who recorded the band’s next EP release entitled “The Fallen” (2011) at his studio Systematic Productions. Over the next two years, the band played many shows throughout Australia, including festivals such as the prestigious Sonic Forge (2011 & 2012), and Atmoshphere. The band performed alongside Soilwork in 2015, and continued to develop a following online.

In 2014, the band began to write more songs and revisited Systematic Productions and producer Ermin Hamidovic. In early 2015 they independently released “Reveries” which contained nine amazing songs that define the unique sound Naberus has come to embrace after years of fine- tuning. The band pressed a very limited quantity of Reveries, sent them to dozens of record labels all over the world, and got the attention of Chris Poland at Eclipse Records (Mushroomhead, A Breach of Silence, Bobaflex) who signed the band to an exclusive world-wide deal. The band quickly re-entered the studio, writing additional material and recorded five more songs for a total of fourteen songs.

The new album “The Lost Reveries” contains heavy, intricate riffs complemented by a strong and powerful rhythm section. The songs are laid beneath a powerful, striking vocal performance incorporating chaotic, intense growls, and powerful melodic cleans. The result showcases a unique and masterful blend of many facets of classic melodic death and modern aggressive heavy metal.

Naberus has left audiences in awe of their energetic and captivating live shows. Not only recreating the power and aggression of their recorded material, but going above and beyond with their on stage presence and persona, engaging stage show and relentless crowd interaction. Naberus are now ready to cement their place in the worldwide metal scene.

The Lost Reveries is scheduled for release worldwide, in the Winter of 2016


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