Album review: Secrets – A Breach of Silence


Hailing from Brisbane, Australia, A Breach of Silence combine melody with just enough in the way of heavy to keep this metal head banging. This is my first exposure to the band and the first thing you notice when you hit play on Secrets is the crisp production. It has a razor-sharp guitar tone, hard-hitting drums, rhythmic basslines and a nice clear vocal. Production duties are handled by Swedish duo, Fredrick Nordstrom and Henrik Odd, best known for working with In Flames and Bring Me the Horizon and the album definitely has that Gothenberg sound mixed through with a more recent Bring Me the Horizon vibe. To my ears, the band have a sound quite similar to the band Architects, with perhaps a slightly more radio-friendly hook to their songs.

There is a great energy to the album and the songwriting is solid. The musicianship is very good and the guitars experiment with shades of both light and dark, this really adds a depth of atmosphere to some of the songs. The songs themselves are very solid with Falling Away and Secrets being a particular highlights early on. These two I’m sure will be fantastic sing-along live favourites for years to come. Secrets, in particular is a mid-tempo tune with a killer chorus and it’s a track I really, really like. Falling Away opens the album strongly with a very In Flames style riff before vocalist Rhys Flannery takes over. A catchy chorus means that Secrets is off to a fine start.

Elsewhere, Fair Weather Friends kicks into gear with its machine-gun opening before a clean vocal chorus continues the albums good form. Broken is another highlight. I like the guitar in this song. The song itself is pretty dark with Flannery singing about demons whispering in the ear though there is a nice moment midway through the track when things slow down, allowing a great melodic guitar solo which allows the track to breathe a little. Great stuff!

The song Shameless (The weekend) starts off in ballad territory, but fear not, normal service resumes soon enough and the track kicks into a higher, heavier gear. Dethroned is a radio-friendly rock track I dig that also has nice moments of light and shade. Final track, Sugar and Spice sounds like Warrant…and that’s all I’ll say about that one, though it is a fun way to end things and the band sounds like it is enjoying itself.

Overall, Secrets is much more than a solid album and I like it a lot. There is great variety with the songs, great choruses and the musicianship is really good. The mixing is solid with everything sounding crystal clear, perhaps a little too much sometimes, but this is just my personal opinion. Secrets is definitely an album that should bring the band wider attention.

4/5 guitars from The Grim Reader.

Pick up a copy from here.


Mat Cosgrove (guitar), Blair Layt (bass/vocals), Rhys Flannery (lead vocals), Kerrod Dabelstein (guitar), Michael Gee (drums)


The Australian outback often evokes thoughts of the late Steve Irwin however; forget the dangerous crocodiles… Two brief years after Australia’s A BREACH OF SILENCE released their critically-acclaimed sophomore album The Darkest Road, the Brisbane “powercore” quintet are returning with a brand new third full-length album entitled ‘Secrets’.

For the third time, A BREACH OF SILENCE tapped legendary Swedish producers Fredrik Nordstrom and Henrik Udd (Bring Me the Horizon, Arch Enemy, In Flames) to charge the production of thirteen brand new songs in the recording studio. “We wanted to have Henrik and Fredrik produce Secrets because (quite frankly) they’re the best in the biz. They always have awesome strategies and think out of the box when approaching our songs” states guitarist Kerrod Dabelstein. The band is known for their unique mix of modern metalcore and power-metal vocal breakdowns which many of their fans refer to as ‘Powercore’. Clocking in at almost 50 minutes, ‘Secrets’ delivers thirteen tracks of melodic, powercore metal that showcases their evolution and maturity as songwriters.

“We did well on our last album” states vocalist Rhys Flannery, “and we set the bar for success pretty high, so we’ve got to top that this time around. Secrets is different than our previous album. Blair and I are doing lots of vocal harmonies, there’s a lot more stuff people can sing along with, and while it’s still heavy as hell, the songs are much more diverse. We’re really proud of what we’ve created here.” Guitarist Mat Cosgrove continues, “Our first single entitled Falling Away makes an important statement about the value gap for music creators and labels. We want fans to know that streaming music is okay, but ad-supported streaming doesn’t really pay the bands and subscription- based streaming platforms do. It’s important for fans to subscribe to whatever platform they prefer. The majority of our album is really heavy stuff where we stick to our roots however there are two surprises; we recorded a metal version of ‘Shameless’ by The Weeknd, and we also wrote an 80’s inspired hair-metal ballad entitled Sugar and Spice.”

A BREACH OF SILENCE was thrown into the spotlight when they won Australia’s prestigious Q Music Award (2012) in the Best Heavy Song category. Shortly thereafter, the band inked a worldwide, multi-album deal with Eclipse Records, released Dead or Alive (October, 2013) and have toured with bands such as Born of Osiris, Adept, The Amity Affliction, and Upon a Burning Body. In March of 2014, the band released their controversial Night Rider ‘first-person shooter’ music video which was inspired by their obsession with FPS video games and 1960’s classic westerns such as Hang ‘em High and The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly. Upon releasing ‘The Darkest Road’ in late 2014, the band toured North America for almost eight weeks with Drowning Pool and Like A Storm. That album debuted at #1 on the iTunes Metal chart in Australia, and at #20 on the Australian Independent Record Label Association’s 100% Independent chart. In 2016, the band performed many shows in Australia both as headliners and as support for bands such as Sevendust, and Drowning Pool.

A Breach of Silence will be releasing ‘Secrets’ worldwide on February 24th of 2017. They are band that walks the darkest road on a daily basis… Never giving up, they treat their fans like family, and they portray positive vibes to all who listen.

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