Book review: Dark Moon Digest #27


Man, these issues sure do come around fast! It’s time for another glimpse at the latest scares from those cats at Dark Moon Digest. DMD is a magazine I really, really like. If you follow my reviews here then you probably already know this.

Dark Moon Digest Issue #27 gets off to a good start with Kelby Losack’s lycanthropic tale, The Future. I am always keen to indulge myself in the horrors of the Werewolf and this story was a solid entry. Next up is Eli Ryder’s twisted tale of Morgan and Vin. Here are two men trapped in a log cabin surrounded by coyotes. This story takes an unpleasant and sickening turn at the end and full marks for leaving me speechless!

I always enjoy Jay Wilburn’s non-fiction contributions and his essay on horror in written form and horror on-screen is brief but interesting. I’m not a fan of The Walking Dead but Wilburn’s essay is engaging and thoughtful. Back to the fiction, and Lost by Rachel Watts is really good. It tells of a woman who keeps finding strange messages; messages that tell her to “lock the door” and “get out”, weird and creepy, I dug it a lot. The Screaming Well by Leigh Harlen was wrong, wrong, wrong…but, I loved it and it is my favourite story in this issue. Just read it!

Aria for a Black Tatoo is lyrical and quite moving. A lot different from the other stories in this issue but a very welcome change, it’s short but sweetly written and I really enjoyed reading it. Sean Patrick Hazlett delivers a ripper of a story in Evolution’s Echo, this one is military horror and sees the armed forces messing around with things they shouldn’t! Beautiful Beasts is a non-fiction piece by George Lea and it is great. Here, George talks about the horror of Talos from Jason and the Argonauts. I couldn’t agree more with everything I read. I remember having very similar feelings about the scene all those years ago and it brought back great memories. The zine finishes with the opening chapters of the new novella from Betty Rocksteady, Like Jagged Teeth, which I didn’t read as I have purchased the book recently. There are other stories included, but I will let you check them out for yourself.

This is another great issue from Dark Moon Digest. Some great stories, some solid and some super non-fiction. If you’re not a subscriber, then you should be.

4/5 bumps in the night from The Grim Reader.

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