Album review: Nattesferd – Kvelertak


Kvelertak is a band that divides opinion (shit, which band doesn’t these days?). Some see them as copyists, offering nothing more than a mix of different styles of rock and metal. And so I ask “Where is the problem?”. Every band on the planet pays homage to their peers in some way, so I really don’t understand the hate for Kvelertak.

Before you go any further with reading this, if you don’t like the band then I’d advise you not to waste your time reading my thoughts because I fucking love this album. In fact, I love everything about this album, from its black metal, throat-shredding vocals to the Peter Frampton style guitar and synth sounds, it is one of my favourite things for quite some time.

Opener, Dendrofil For Yggdrasil is a great opener. I’d say it’s quite a safe start in that it doesn’t give too much away and it isn’t really until second track 1985 where things go all 70s glam rock, and what a great tune it is. Seriously, If you don’t move your head or any other part of your body to this song then you’re probably dead. Album title track Nattesferd is equally cool, the opening base line is killer and from then on in this track builds and builds, chugging along beside some great, catchy guitar work. It’s one of my favourite tracks on the album. Svartmesse is up next and continues with the glam rock vibe, seriously, this sounds like it could be from a Slade or T-rex album!

Bronsegud has a real old-school punk vibe to it and at 2:58 it’s also the albums shortest track, again there is some great guitar going on with this track as well. Ondskapens Galakse is yet another highlight. Things slow down a little after the frantic Bronsegud but this is another song that you can’t help but move your body to. Then, Berserkr speeds things up again with its NWOBHM style guitar…very, very nice!

My absolute fave is Heksebrann. At over nine minutes in length, it is the albums longest track by some margin, but what a mammoth tune! There is so much going on in this song   it just isn’t funny. Epic doesn’t do it justice, it’s just freaking fantastic and the chorus is so anthemic…just damn perfect.

Final track Nekrodamus is back into foot-stomping glam rock territory, and whilst I’m still on a high from Heksebrann I do dig this final offering from the band. There isn’t much wrong with this album at all. The production is perfect for the bands sound and the mix keeps each instrument from getting drowned out. Nattesferd is a modern classic by a band that makes the music they want to make. Love them or hate them, the band is going to be around for some time I think, and for that, I am a very happy man. Nattesferd offers 9 tracks of perfect glam/black metal and if you’re down with that then The Grim Reader salutes you!

5/5 stars only because I can’t give it more.

Pick up a copy from here.

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