Guest book review: We Came Back – Patrick Lacey


Today, I am handing over the reigns to somebody else for this review of ‘We Came Back’ by Patrick Lacey. This review is by my friend Curtis Freeman. He is a fellow horror fiction lover and you should stop by his blog at Cedarhollowhorrorreviews for heaps of cool book reviews and interviews.

A quick word about this book before I hand you over to Mr Freeman. Patrick Lacey is one of the best emerging horror writers on the indie scene. Not only that, but he is also a very cool guy. In fact, Patrick is donating all royalties from sales of this novel to American Cancer Research, so a huge cyber high-five Patrick for this wonderful gesture.

Thanks also to Curtis for swapping reviews with me. You can read my review of ‘Cut Corners Vol 3’, also from Sinister Grin Press and featuring new stories from Kealan Patrick Burke, Bryan Smith and Ray Garton at Cedar Hollow Horror Reviews, simply click on the link above. Thanks for the continued support.

Book review: We Came Back – Patrick Lacey 

Melvin Brown sees monsters with razor-sharp teeth and tentacles. He is the social outcast that everyone picks on at Lynnwood High School. He is bullied up until he commits suicide in the school cafeteria. A young teacher named Frank Tanner had cafeteria duty that day. He watched Melvin Brown get bullied, and then take his own life. Melvin Brown hates those who bullied him, and that hatred doesn’t die with him.

A decade later, Alyssa Tanner (Frank’s daughter) starts dating Busty Brown, Melvin’s younger brother. Justin Wright keeps an eye on Alyssa. He is the creepy ex-boyfriend who lives next door. His father passed away and Alyssa dumped him soon after. The smart and popular kids at Lynnwood High School start acting out and they spend the majority of their time at the former high school. The former high school is abandoned, and some people say it’s haunted. The students start changing at an alarming rate. They become known at the Lynnwood Vampires because they are invincible and dress gothic. The vamps begin staking cats to people’s front doors. The vamps attack the Lynnwood High School teachers and students on Halloween when the veil is thin and the dead come out to play. Something sinister lurks in the basement of the old abandoned high school and it is hungry.

Patrick Lacey tells this story from different points-of-view, which makes it that much better. This book is filled with a vast assortment of characters that are easy to relate to. I didn’t know what to expect when I first started reading this book. I just knew that Patrick Lacey could craft an excellent book. If you don’t believe me, just read Dream Woods. This book is smooth and unfolds perfectly. The ending was incredible! It is equal parts scary and gory. This book has teeth and tentacles!

I highly recommend this book to fans of horror! Reading We Came Back is like watching a movie! I think everyone should read this book!

5/5 stars!

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**Patrick Lacey will be donating all his proceeds from this book to the American Cancer Society in memory of his dad, who lost his battle with cancer.**

We Came Back, Synopsis


  • Print Length: 354 pages
  • Publisher: Sinister Press
  • Publication Date: April 15, 2017


Growing up dead.

Melvin Brown sees things that aren’t there. Monsters with tentacles and razor-sharp teeth. Ever the social outcast, he is bullied to the point of suicide. And his hatred of those who did him wrong does not die with him.

One decade after Melvin’s death, something strange is happening to Lynnwood High School’s smartest and most popular students. They begin to act out and spend time at the former high school, now abandoned and said to be haunted. And their numbers grow at an alarming rate.

Is this just a passing fad or are the rumors true? Does Lynnwood really have a teenage cult on their hands?

Patrick Lacey, Biography

Patrick Lacey was born and raised in a haunted house. He spends his nights and weekends writing about things that make the general public uncomfortable. He lives in Massachusetts with his Pomeranian, his mustached cat, and his muse, who is likely trying to kill him. Find him on Facebook, follow him on Twitter (@patlacey), or visit his website.

PAtrick (1).jpg

Praise for Patrick Lacey

“WE CAME BACK is an emotional trip through our darkest fears. One of the best books I’ve read in years.”–Kristopher Rufty, author of SOMETHING VIOLENT, DESOLATION, and JAGGER.

“The man’s imagination is incredible. A must read!!!!” – David Bernstein, author of A Mixed Bag of Blood

“It’s a rare and joyful thing for me to read a book and realize I’m in the hands of an author who can go absolutely anywhere, who works without a formula and without a net. Such is the case with this stellar debut collection.” – Russell Coy, author of The One Who Lies Next to You

Patrick Lacey’s Dream Woods works a razor’s edge into an after school special.”
– Unnerving Magazine

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